Creating the World We Want to Live in: How Positive Psychology Can Build a Brighter Future

Foundations for a brighter futureThe potential that positive psychology offersWellbeing mattersWhat kind of world do we want to live in?The psychological foundations of wellbeingPrinciples for psychological wellbeingCore capabilitiesWise actionIn summaryKey sourcesChildhoodHow we raise children matters for universal wellbeingFrom birth to adolescenceFirst experiences of lifeThe early yearsMiddle childhood: becoming part of a social worldAdolescenceFamilies that enable children - and the future - to flourishExamples of positive actionHope and optimismKey sourcesEducationWhy and how is education important for wellbeing?What do we need to learn?The fundamental elements of educationThe formal curriculumPedagogy & teaching approachesThe learning environmentAn alternative education to build a thriving futureWhat students need to learnHow students might learnAn optimal environment in which to learnHope and optimismKey sourcesWorkWhy work matters for wellbeingWellbeing is good for workWhat makes work good for wellbeing?Wellbeing is a corporate social responsibilityThe psychological principles at workFeeling connected to othersAutonomy and the importance of managersFeeling competentEmotionally positive work environmentsMeaning at workPeople management processesThe science of wellbeing and the future of workKey sourcesAgeingWhy think about ageing?Capability and ageingHappiness and ageingHealth, wealth and longevitySocial challenges in ageing wellRetirementLonelinessSocial attitudesPositive ageingPreparing for new prioritiesThe older workerIntergenerational careWith design in mindThe bigger pictureGoing forwardKey sourcesRelationshipsWhy are positive relationships so important for wellbeing?A positive sense of selfPositioning othersLearning about relationshipsASPIRE to positive relationshipsAgencySafetyPositivityInclusionRespectEquityHope and aspirationKey sourcesHealthTowards positive healthBoth physical and mental health matterHow much does health depend on our healthcare system?Individual factors that influence healthBody and mind always interactSocial determinants of healthA whole of society approach to healthCo-creating healthCreating health for allKey sourcesCommunityWhat is community?Why community mattersCommunity buildingThe vulnerability of communities in today’s worldFamily and communityThe impact of external forces on community cohesionBuilding flourishing communities from inside and outCommunity begins at home - and in the neighbourhoodAchieving flourishing communitiesConclusionKey sourcesLeisureWhy is leisure important for wellbeing?Do we have time for leisure?Is all leisure good for us?What does positive psychology research say about leisure?Active and passive leisure: Context mattersKey sourcesMediaWhy media mattersEyes wide openReclaiming the media we want and needAspiration and actionWhat is needed for successful community media?Going forward: being mediaKey sourcesSocietyWhat makes for a good society?What gets in the way of a society where everyone can flourish?What can positive psychology offer?Social connectionSelf-determinationBuilding on what’s workingBuilding better societiesFairness: equality versus equityAddressing discrimination?Feeling safePositive criminologyEmpowerment of womenIncreasing employment prospectsAspiration and hopeKey sourcesEconomicsEconomics and wellbeingWealth and wellbeingWhat can be done to promote change?Paying for changeHow do we get there?Good practice and hopeEmployee-owned businessesEthical banking and social investmentTaking actionKey sourcesPoliticsWhy is politics important for wellbeing?Some political systems are more conducive to flourishingHow can politics promote wellbeing?How can wellbeing promote better politics?What would positive politics look like?Positive political communicationGrassroots politicsMaking change happenChanging the voting systemInvolving citizens in policy and decision-makingKey sourcesEnvironmentWhy is the environment important for wellbeing?How physical surroundings affect our wellbeingThe natural environmentThe built environmentThe global environmentHow positive psychology can contribute to a flourishing environmentFinancial case for sustainabilityReasons to be hopefulSuccessful and scalable sustainability projectsLearnings from COVID-19Can indigenous thinking save the world?Young people are the futureKey sourcesMaking choices for a brighter futureFacing the future togetherHope from silver liningsFrom Me to We and What we shareChoosing wise actionKey sourcesIndex
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