For Those Who Are Still Fighting Change

An ancient Chinese proverb states that the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second-best time is now. It is not hard to build a connection between this Chinese proverb and how it relates to your business today. The extraordinary changes the business world has gone through over the past 2 decades have placed an astonishing amount of pressure on every company in every industry and market. It has also challenged organizations to put considerable emphasis on meeting the demands of the new business environment so that they are able to succeed in their industry for years to come (so long as they continue evolving to meet customer demand).

For those who did not change to keep up with the market and instead are wallowing in frustrations and have a desire for things to be back to the way they once were, you must accept that this fantasy will never come true. Continually fighting against advances in business (and technology) only exacerbates the problem. You are not a victim of the changes in the business world, only a victim to your own unwillingness to be fluid and adapt to your surroundings. And if you choose to continue resisting, you are choosing to remain the victim.

Disappointingly, there is no easy button here. The world, and all that is in it, has created a cosmic shift that requires you to take decisive action. The world has changed, and with it, you must change as well. If you do not, your relevance within your industry and market will continue to fade away.

You need to stop justifying your actions and validating your every move. Refusal to make changes isn’t a sign of commitment and strength to the old way of doing business but rather an example of stubbornness and obscurity.

To build sustained success, take ownership and execute the changes necessary to make your organization viable. If you do not, you will continue to fade into irrelevance while companies that invest in the future steal market share. Change is inevitable; your willingness to adapt to it is not.

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