For Those Who Fail to Act

If you ask people what the most important thing in their life is, you will inevitably receive a variety of answers. However, overwhelmingly, responses center on family, health, and religion.

All of these answers are noble, but they are missing something. You must actively commit to those parts of your life for them to be truly important.

For example, you could say you love your family, but if you do not put forth time and effort displaying that love and showing that you care, does it really matter what you say? Similarly, there are literally millions of people who express the desire to live healthy lifestyles, but the challenge of eating healthy and exercising prove too tall of a task for most. And while people claim to be Christian, Buddhist, Jewish, Muslim, or Islamic, quite often, many fail to live out their faith, choosing instead an easier path. At the very core, these activities have genuine importance, but without acting on them, they serve no purpose.

This is similar to business. Execution is the single most important element in every business. Without execution, you will never achieve sustained success. Conversation about a killer strategy is great, but without modifying your business model, you are stuck in the same spot. Brainstorming about a stronger online presence can be captivating, but not moving on an idea generates no value. And debating the pros and cons of a new marketing campaign can be interesting, but failure to pursue something different leaves you in no better position prior to the discussion.

This is exactly where many companies fail. It wasn’t that Blockbuster didn’t know customers were interested in receiving products via mail or over the internet, that Toys ‘R’ Us failed to recognize Amazon was stealing market share through online sales, or that Borders Bookstore didn’t understand digital books were becoming increasingly popular. But it was these companies’ failure to act that caused each of them to fold.

There is no benefit in endlessly mulling over potential changes you could make and no honor in looking back at all of the missed opportunities you let pass by. Ideas are the most common thing in business, so the notion that merely expressing a thought about a new business model, product, service, or strategy is equal to executing a change is woefully inaccurate. Instead, when no action is taken, reflection on what could have been is often met with regret.

An insincere approach toward implementing change in your organization will not garner the results you are looking to achieve long term if you do not put in the effort. So, while it is much easier to deliver motivational speeches, engage in corporate financial gymnastics, and maintain longstanding traditions that have bred company success in years past than to make difficult changes to the core of your business, it will not yield the positive results you are interested in. Superfluous actions and half-hearted attempts will not deliver success. In order to win, you must take action, you must execute.

Bringing It All Together

For those who want to win, you must change and execute.

The speed at which the world is changing and technology is advancing is beyond anything that has ever taken place. This makes it apparent you must always be ready to incorporate new business practices, technology, and innovation into your workplace. Reluctance to change, aversion to making tough decisions, and an unwillingness to execute will put your business in jeopardy. The opportunity to delay is gone. For those who want to win, you must take action.


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