Be Serial Masters Continually Developing Expertise across Domains

The days of settling in and resting on the skills you have obtained are gone. The world is moving too fast to accept this anymore. The complex business environment and accelerated rate of change make it impossible to only have skills in one core area of business and expect to have sustained success. Quality leaders understand this and appreciate the importance of building talents outside of their current skillset. They know they must broaden their knowledgebase in order to meet new challenges and become more valued.

This can be done by expanding knowledge in your specific career field or crossing over to a new function and gaining insights into how other departments operate. Even something as simple as sitting with frontline employees to gain a better perspective on what they do each day will expand your skills and make you more capable of effectively leading your team.

Many leaders like to brush off the need to develop additional expertise, but the truth is, the skills acquired yesterday quite often fail to translate into the tools needed for tomorrow. In order to remain relevant, you must continue to invest in yourself.

Disappointingly, even with the extraordinary changes that are taking place in the business world, some leaders still believe they don’t need to acquire additional talents because they are in a static industry or do nothing but manage employees. The notion that your responsibilities or business environment will not change is grossly inaccurate and lacks longterm vision. It is merely an excuse used to minimize the need to continue improving yourself. This will ultimately reduce the value you deliver to your company. Your knowledge, skills, and abilities will grow stale over time, resulting in you becoming less productive if you do not invest in yourself. Further, as new leaders join the ranks and continue to improve themselves, the lethargic approach you hold onto will cause you to become expendable.

If you truly want to have sustained success as a leader, you must continue investing in yourself by developing expertise across domains.


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