Embrace Technology and Use Innovation

Complacency breeds comfort and comfort leads to extinction. Leaders that don’t understand this will be out of a job soon. No company, department, or team can remain the same and expect to have sustained success. Instead, they will lose relevance and become obsolete.

This is evident from the way jobs in certain industries disappear. How critical are Bank Tellers? Receptionists? And Travel Agents? All of them were important at one point in time, but their level of usefulness has become almost nonexistent in recent years. This begs the question, at what point will their utility be phased out completely? And how many other jobs, teams, departments, and companies will have this same fate become their reality?

This is happening throughout the world. Every part of every business in every industry and market must constantly adapt and evolve to remain relevant and meet the new demands of customers. This necessitates the willingness to embrace technology and use innovation whenever possible. Yet many leaders don’t want to accept this, choosing instead to erroneously believe their space within their organization and industry will not change, regardless of the situation. This perspective is shortsighted.

Technological advances and improvements in innovation constantly disrupt industries and naturally affect the flow ofbusiness, creating the need for people to change. This eliminates the idea that you can put technology and innovation on the back burner and expect to build sustained success. Even everyday tasks like meetings, sharing information, and training classes rely heavily on advances in technology and innovation.

This makes it clear that you must embrace technology and bring it into every possible part of organizational life. Technology and innovation are continually becoming more integrated into our world. To remain relevant, leaders must be willing to break from their routine and discover what technologies and innovations they can use to optimize workplace performance.

Bringing It All Together

Leaders will inevitably need different talents, abilities, and skills dependent on numerous variables, including the industry, market, function, and job level they are in. However, leveraging these seven overarching behaviors will enhance the productivity of you and your staff, regardless of what position you are in. Successfully incorporating these behaviors will lead to expanding your influence, increasing the value you generate for your company, and improving the results you and your team deliver. Embrace them, because just as businesses are unable to succeed if they do not evolve, so too do leaders grow stale if they do not adapt to the everchanging needs of the business world.


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