Stop Being Unpredictable, Start Delivering Consistency

There is a reason why Starbucks flourishes at every location, Harvard only selects the best of the best, and you never see a BMW broken down on the side of the road. These organizations deliver reliable solutions, and this ensures they are able to thrive.

Consistency allows productivity to be measured, creates accountability, establishes and defines reputation, and ensures your message will be clear. Consistency ensures integrity is upheld, enables you to capitalize on opportunities, and helps you push through adversity to reach the finish line. And consistency builds a sturdy foundation that is capable of overcoming adversity and recovering from setbacks. Simply put, consistency enables you to win.2

Conversely, being erratic involves having no definitive course of action and creates uncertainty. Being erratic eliminates the ability to build longterm success while causing people to put up physical, emotional, and virtual barriers. And being erratic causes uneasiness, provokes confusion, and reduces trust. Simply put, being erratic destroys relevance.

When looking at these two options, there is no question in which direction you should go. The advanced competition that is present in every industry and market make consistency essential and erraticism a direct path to insignificance.

The truth is, every stakeholder in your company wants to have their expectations met with minimal surprises, regardless of the situation. Steady communication, reliable experiences, and a dependable approach toward delivering value create a sense of tranquility. And with competition being as intense as it is, the opportunity for organizations to deviate from where they excel and be callous with how they operate their business while remaining successful is fleeting.

Organizations must instead be hyper-focused on their core competency and double down on delivering products and services that align with their competitive advantage. The need to change to adapt to consumer demand is necessary, but completely abandoning what has made you successful will cause your consumers to look for other options and your enterprise to fold. Starbucks, Harvard, and BMW understand this. They know they must maintain a consistent operation to be successful, and that is exactly why people look at them with such esteem. To experience the same outcome, you must establish a similar approach. You must deliver consistency.

However, while consistency is key, it cannot be an excuse for you not to change or find ways to improve. For example, Starbucks’ competitive advantage involves providing customers high-quality coffee in high-traffic areas. They do not allow themselves to rest here. They are always upgrading the way they treat their customers. Most recently, they created an app in which their guests can order their drink and pay prior to arriving at the store. This allows the customer to walk into Starbucks and pick up their beverage, without waiting in line. Starbucks hasn’t strayed away from their expertise or what they do best, they just added to it.

You must employ the same approach. Delivering consistency must align with change that will make your organization better and improve the customer experience. This will increase the value you deliver.

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