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Level Up

In 2013, DreamWorks Animation created The Croods, a movie about a prehistoric family whose lives are in peril after a massive earthquake destroys their home. Much to the dismay of the patriarchal father who is fearful of change, the family journeys across a dangerous land in search of a new residence.

While traversing through the unknown, they develop a relationship with an innovative prodigy who has unique ways of assessing problems and discovering solutions. This causes a rift in the family with a struggle for supremacy materializing as the overbearing father’s archaic way of thinking is continually passed over for the resourceful young man’s innovative ideas. However, after the family dodges numerous close calls due to the father’s unwillingness to evolve, he finally sees how the phenom’s method of survival is better. This causes him to change his approach and work with the young man to save his family and find a new place to live.1

This is obviously an extreme example from an animated movie, but it hits home in many ways. Change can be difficult for people, especially those who have been following a certain course of action for a long time. The same is true for organizations. The world has changed and the need to adapt has never been stronger, but some businesses instinctively resist. They push forward with behavior that is in direct contrast to the changes that have occurred in the business world for interest in maintaining the same approach they have always had.

If this is you, abandon this mentality immediately!

The importance of adapting to meet the new demands of the market is paramount. Yet for some reason, in spite of all that has happened and all that has transformed, there is still an inherent interest in fighting change. Maintaining consistency and keeping the status quo will not cut it. You must accept that you need to level up to be successful. Below are five actions you must take to level up.

Start Believing the Truth

Whether we are willing to accept it or not, in order to consistently win, you must change. This is not appealing for many companies (and people). Having worked hard to develop valuable products and services and acquire coveted customers, the idea of making change is unattractive. So, instead of accepting the inevitable need to adapt, many businesses react to changes in the workplace by pushing back. The status quo is so much easier than actively pursuing an alternative way to operate.

This is often because there is a level of mystery that comes along with every change, and this unknown causes people to have a sense of discomfort that they would like to avoid. This causes many people to deny reality and revert back to what is comfortable, instead of taking a risk and making a change.

If you choose not to evolve in business, you are choosing to die. While businesses can typically withstand changes for the short term, continual interest in fighting change causes companies to not only miss out on opportunities for growth but quite often eliminates the ability for them to maintain relevance at all. This is especially true in today’s climate. With increased technology, specialization at every part of the value chain, and extraordinary shifts in the landscape of business taking place faster than ever, change is not an option, it is a necessity.

Nevertheless, there are still companies, leaders, and employees who view change as a choice rather than a requirement. This type of thinking is off base and will lead you to dismal results. Nothing ever remains the same. The world, and all that is in it, is constantly changing.

To level up, you must start believing the truth. There is no other choice and no other way to compete.

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