Partnerships Between College and High School Faculty: Teaching and Learning

College partnerships can involve advanced learning opportunities not only for high school students, but for their teachers as well. Here are some activities from a collaboration between rural schools and professors from Middlebury, Williams, and Amherst Colleges, funded by a grant from the Arthur Vining Davis Foundations. These activities can be adapted for different academic disciplines and communities.

  • • A Middlebury College professor, working with a Willsboro (NY) science teacher, visited the science lab at Willsboro and conducted DNA experiments with the students. In turn, the Willsboro students visited the professor's lab at Middlebury.
  • • Two Middlebury College professors, joined by 11 international students, visited Ticonderoga (NY). The college students were paired with the high school students to learn about American high schools. The two professors gave lectures to English classes and met with the Ticonderoga English teachers.
  • • A Bolton (NY) computer science teacher, joined by her students, visited a Williams College computer science professor and his students in the College's videography lab. Together they created a presentation, entitled "Introduction to Video Logic," that they edited using advanced technology. A few weeks later, the Williams professor visited classrooms at Bolton, where he showed the video and explained the technology. He also taught classes in mathematics and computer science.
  • • A science teacher at Ticonderoga, accompanied by five students, visited a chemistry professor at Williams College, where they conducted experiments in nanotechnology. The students met with admissions staff, toured the campus, and attended a Shakespeare play.
  • • A Willsboro science teacher teamed up with a Middlebury College biology professor to create a science-oriented blog, giving Willsboro students and teachers access to scientific resources not previously available and allowing them to communicate electronically with Middlebury students and faculty.

• Fifteen English teachers from Adirondack schools participated in an AP English workshop, led by two English professors from Middlebury College. The workshop helped Ticonderoga introduce AP English into its curriculum as part of a school-wide effort to revitalize its English and language arts courses. Building on its successful work, Ticonderoga is training teachers at other Adirondack schools on how to revamp curricula and strengthen teaching.

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