Week 6-Summary and Closure

Week 6 was all about celebration and closure. We ate a meal together that was donated by a local restaurant. The members had time to chat in groups and reflect about what they had experienced overall in the group. We gave everyone the opportunity to share what it was like for them to participate as well as asked about specific challenges that had surfaced for them, how they were coping with those challenges and plans for resolution. The feedback was positive despite the emotional elements that occurred and members developed strong enough connections with one another that they exchanged contact information. We encouraged them to keep in touch, as the group was just the foundation of support moving forward.

Reflecting on this last group meeting, I regret not utilizing a written group assessment. I feel like the young adults may have been able to share more about their experience if they had a chance to write vs the verbal format of the last group. I could have asked for concrete feedback on their transformation and given them a chance to more deeply evaluate their experience which we were not able to do because of time. Because of this, I may have missed critical feedback to take forward from this group. I feel that a written evaluation would have also given them an element of empowerment in contributing to the field of social work and future young adults with cancer.

Limitations of the Group

It should be stated that this structure was only used one time with nine yoimg adults. That limits the effectiveness of this group setup. The setting was in Boston, Massachusetts and in a hospital that had a multitude of supports for cancer patients. Not only is the hospital providing comprehensive psychosocial support, within the city of Boston and the surrounding top-rated cancer centers there are a vast amount of resources. It should be noted that even within this amount of emotional support, young adults were still needing peer support groups for this underserved population. Also, there was no track or acknowledgment of cultural diversity. Another limitation was that there were no evaluations except for the discussions at the end of each group session. The last session only had a discussion of the impact of the group but there was no written documentation of the impact of the group.

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