Bordered Cities and Divided Societies: Humanistic Essays of Conflict, Violence, and Healing

PolarizedPolarized: Us/ThemIntroductionConflictThe Living Soul WithinDead and AliveIntractabilityLong Memories in Tight SpacesThe Question Posed by Polarized CitiesEpic CulturesUrbicideTraverseThe City Has a Rationality That the State Cannot UnderstandUs/ThemIntroductionTo Unsee the Other (I)-Year-Old BoysThis Makes Our Conflict Look SmallWhich One?Bounding the Postwar CitySarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina—SynopsisThe Longest 50 Meters in the WorldNicosia, Cyprus—SynopsisTwo Worlds Next to Each OtherJerusalem, Israel/Palestine—SynopsisBanality of SeparatenessBelfast, Northern Ireland—SynopsisHelicopteredThe River Is Near the CityMostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina—SynopsisTwo Societies or One?Barcelona, Spain—SynopsisSemantic HegemonyGreen LinesIf the South Had Won the American Civil WarYou Have to Decide Whose Side You’re OnRape GateJohannesburg, South Africa—SynopsisI Drew the Borders of IsraelRegion Versus StateBilbao, Basque Country, Spain—SynopsisNo Bridges LeftTo Unsee the Other (II)JuxtapositionNew Fault LineBeirut, Lebanon—SynopsisKindergarten RiflesHuddling Together in a Closed RoomHow to Make It Easier to Stereotype the “Other”Auto InsuranceThe Occupation Next DoorEuskeraSectarianism Without ConclusionEmotions: InteriorIntroductionWhere Once There Were PlaygroundsTrauma of the HolocaustComfort ZonesDouble-Minority SyndromeOh, JerusalemProfessional RacismEyes That Light UpPray TellBeauty and “No-Go”George Floyd and Ariel SharonBottom Up, Top DownNeither Neutral nor BenignTwo Faces of Post-Apartheid PlanningEmotionally Costly PeaceSome MorningsPrejudice ZoneGlobalization With Mass GravesI Am Only an Observer NowThreat SimplifiesNeighborhood DogsI Leave UneasyBeware of RuinsDefeatedA Deeper Type of DespairPassing Along HatredTiger’s BayDark PresenceConflict EthnographyLived Experience and Technical ExpertiseDepleted Peace SeekersRipe SettingFear in a Soldier’s EyesUnsustainable PainRisking RomanceAt Times, I WonderSpeaking American LoudlyAmerican ApartheidThe Bombs of GuernicaBrothers at WarDefending the FutureCriticizing IsraelI WaitWho Could Have Devised a Strategy Such as This?We Don’t Have a ChoiceThe Ideologue and the PragmatistI Am a MinorityClowns Without BordersMargins and CracksThe Edge Between Two WorldsMost Expensive InterviewSolutionA City of Slender PeopleBulletproof TiresWhat Has Gone Right Here?In a Negotiator’s DrawerWarrior of the LightLosingThe Opposite of PossibilityBarb-Wired Buffer ZoneSarajevo for BeginnersPuppetsIn the Difficult MiddleTunnel of HopeCheckpoint #300I Just Need Someone to Get Inside My StoryUnderneath the SurfaceNo Standing StillPlace: ExteriorIntroductionBalaclavasIrreverenceDark TourismLarge Yachts and Bombed BuildingsParadoxical SeparationsCloser to HeavenCivility Amid ChaosOff-CameraTwo PastsNoticeably AbsentBiking the BarrierLilies and PoppiesThe Power of Urbanism (I)Sharing SpaceInsatiabilityAutonomous ZonesHigher GroundTin CityCan Holiness Be Annexed?Urban PorositySeeing Like a CityMilesThe Presence of Absence (I)Trekking in Terrorist TerritoryMapmakersArmani SuitsIs Neutrality After War Possible?Years After “Peace”Hard to BreatheTroubling ImplicationsChurch at the End of the RoadThe Presence of Absence (II)Years LaterImprinting DemocracyOccupation on DisplayParking SpaceIs This Man Ready for Peace?Healing StreetsWatched StreetsCity SoundtracksHow Do You Gain Control?Basement LunchAcademic ShieldPots and PansSugar in My Coffee?Time: Past/FutureIntroductionHope in Despair, Spirit Amid GloomTransitional UrbanismSwimming Olympic Style After Years of DrowningETA and IRABlindnessHistory as WeaponAftereffectsThe Two Mayors of NicosiaA Witness to Political ViolenceEthnic SclerosisBounding Cities, Restricting PeaceJourney Into GraceUmuntu Ngumuntu NgabantuAbove the Political QuagmireAuthor’s Journal Notes on a Good DayOffshoringA Peace Not EnvisionedStepping BackPeace Agreements Are Not EnoughTo Transform or to ChallengeUrbana ObscuraPeace DestabilizesCan Nationalism Include?Symptom and RootDividing for Peace?Drivers of ViolenceDisruptedDrinker, Abstainer, RecovererKilling FieldViolent NationalismChekhov and ShakespeareWar and PeaceStruggle Without EndIs Every Place Unique?A Matter of TimeThresholdsThe Importance of Being Urban (I)Surmounting Walls, Not PoliticsGrassroots Bridge BuildingThe Power of Urbanism (II)Social EngineeringWhat Does Peace Feel Like?The Importance of Being Urban (II)Moving Beyond the Neoliberal FixSpaces of ToleranceCatalyzing the Larger PeaceNo End to This StoryEmpathyLifeboatIn Their Complacency, I Saw My ConsentPlane Ride HomePeacePostscript: Can It Happen in America? Is It Happening Here?
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