Driving the Enterprise to Sustainable Excellence: A Shingo Process Overview

I: The Growth of the Shingo ApproachA Personal ExperienceThe Story of a Drive to Enterprise ExcellenceReferences (These References are utilized throughout the book)Who Is Shigeo Shingo?A Time for ReflectionShigeo Shingo – a Little HistoryShigeo Shingo – Western InfluenceReferencesPublications and Books by Shigeo Shingo et al.What Is the Shingo Institute and the Shingo Prize?More to Reflect AboutThe Shingo InstituteThe Shingo Institute HistoryDriving toward Enterprise ExcellenceThe Shingo Institute: Still Striving for Enterprise ExcellenceThe Shingo PrizeShingo Bronze MedallionShingo Silver MedallionShingo PrizePublication AwardResearch AwardThe Guiding Principles of the Shingo Institute and the Shingo ModelSummaryReferencesII: The Shingo MethodologyIntegrating the Shingo MethodologyMore to Reflect About – An Example of a Winner (In Their Words)REXAM – Beverage Can South America – Águas ClarasLean Enterprise AchievementsSafety and EnvironmentalQualityEmployee MoraleDelivery Performance and Cost ReductionsMore about the Shingo MethodologyLearning the Toyota Production System (TPS) MethodologyCultural ShiftWhy Are There Three Insights and Why Are They Important?What Are the Characteristics of Principles and Why Are They Important?SystemsMetrics and ResultsToolsCultural ShiftReferencesSystemsMore ReflectionSystems TransformationsPurpose and Systems Drive BehaviorThree Types of Systems/Systems MapsDefinition of a Good SystemSummaryMetricsAnother ReflectionThe Building Blocks of Cultural ShiftKBIs AND KPIsWhat Makes a Good Assessment?KBIs AND KPIs RevisitedMoving the NeedleAssessing KBIs AND KPIsSummaryGuiding PrinciplesMore ReflectionThe Ladder of SuccessWhy Principles?The Shingo Model – A ReviewThe Ten PrinciplesSummaryToolsMore ReflectionToolsSummaryResultsMore to Reflect OnAssessmentsThe Assessment Tool – An ExampleExternal AssessmentShingo InsightThe Shingo PrizeChallenging for the PrizePrioritizationMore about ResultsCultureOne More ReflectionAssessing CultureThe Shingo Behavioral Benchmark Assessment WorksheetDoes the Right Culture Exist?SummaryIII: Bringing It HomeMaking It ActionableAnother ReflectionPrepare to Move ForwardCreating a PlanA3 Problem-Solving WorksheetRound TwoProject ApprovalSummaryMaintaining the MomentumWe Can’t Stop ReflectingMoving ForwardMaintaining the MomentumFeedbackSummarySustainable Enterprise ExcellenceAre We Winning?Learning Objectives