An Experience-based Vision of Psychoanalytic Theory and Practice: Seeking, Feeling, and Relating

Preview, historical perspective, and the plan of the bookPreview of main contributions to theoryAn historic perspective (JL)First: seeking: its role as spark for motivational activationThe fundamental launching point (motivational source) for experienceSeeking stimuliFour related processes of seekingWinnicott’s experiment on seekingSeeking and motivational systems: what desired adaptive experiences are sought in each motivational system?Seeking and then what? The intersubjective influenceSecond: three developmental pathways for seekingThe developmental pathway for seeking human relatedness and intimacyAttachmentThe developmental pathway for seeking mastery of the environment, confidence, and competenceRegulation and powerThe developmental pathway for seeking a healthy body, physiological regulation, a pleasing appearance, and good body–mind ...The mind–body connectionSensuality as the glue that holds together the infant’s human relatedness and body sensationsTwo modes of experience: 1) holistic and 2) linearCritical patterns of the neonate and young infant’s experience that contribute to the three pathways and an underlying ...Underlying affect toneComponents of the psychoanalytic process: the ambiance between analysand and analyst and the underlying affect toneShame, ideals, and identitySensuality and sexuality across the divide of shameThe reverberating circuit of shameShame as identityClinical exampleGoodwillCultural values and idealized narrativesHeroics: a masculine idealSuperwoman: a feminine idealSummaryReferencesThe treatment of EileenIntroductionContinuity and change (FL)Clinical vignetteReferencesThe treatment of SamanthaA wintry villageReferencesReflectionsDisappointment and disillusionDisillusion: its negative impact on seekingIntroductionSimilarities, dissimilarities, and blind spots in therapeutic relationsIntersubjective similarity and intersubjective dissimilarityCase studyConclusionReferencesDiscussionCase examples of illusion/disillusion (JL)Personal example of illusion/disillusionDisillusion in the business world: its negative impact on seekingThe story of PeterThe story of GregBackgroundConclusionFinal summary
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