Deployment Process

Figure 9.19 shows an overview of the DC deployment process. The cabling, hardware installation, and device power-on processes are similar to those of a legacy DC and are not described here.


The following operations are involved in the deployment process:

  • • Planning deployment: Plan underlay network configurations, including interconnection interfaces and IP addresses, device management IP addresses, and parameters for interconnection between devices and the controller.
  • • Installing hardware: Install network devices and servers, connect cables, and power on the devices.
  • • Pre-configuring network: Manually deploy underlay network configurations and configure the management network.

Installing software: Install Huawei SDN controller and SecoManager on the designated servers and verify their operation.

• Commissioning interconnections: Perform pre-configurations on Huawei SDN controller and SecoManager, discover and manage devices on the service network, create resource pools, and establish interconnections with the cloud platform.

DC deployment process

FIGURE 9.19 DC deployment process.

• Provisioning services: Create a logical network VPC for tenants and set service parameters. The SDN controller can then automatically deliver configurations to devices.

Basic Network Pre-Configurations


This section describes the key steps involved in manually deploying and configuring an underlay network. Zero-Touch Provisioning (ZTP) can also be used to deploy the underlay network, but this is not described here. After the underlay network is manually configured, the SDN controller, which is unaware of the underlay network configurations, can automatically provision services.

The DCN shown in Figure 9.20 is used as an example. On the DCN, a group of border leaf nodes, a group of service leaf nodes, and multiple groups of server leaf nodes are connected through two spine nodes. The gray dots in the figure refer to Layer 3 interconnection interfaces.

Example of an underlay network

FIGURE 9.20 Example of an underlay network.

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