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1 The fieldwork included individual intensive interviews with developers of large-scale development projects, focus groups and interviews with current and former residents in central and peri-urban kampungs and interviews with residents in these development projects, local officials and other participants in the real estate sector. These were complemented by field observations in kampungs and development projects and document analysis (including newspaper articles, documents on spatial planning, land laws, relevant government policies and developers’ prospectuses).This research has been undertaken in collaboration with colleagues from Tarumanagara University in Jakarta, including Jo Santoso, Liongju Tjung, Herlambang Suryono, Miya Irawati, Rully Mardona, Wita Simatupang, Melinda Martinus and Wahyu Astuti, as well as graduate students at the University of California, Los Angeles (Emma Colven, Dian Irawaty, Dimitar Anguelov and Sam Nowak).


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