Intra-Africa Migrations: Reimaging Borders and Migration Management

ForewordOne. Intra-Africa migrationsIntra-Africa migrations: An introductionIntroductionBordersSecuritisation of migration and the impact of European Union (EU) externalisation of bordersMigration management, regional and continental integration in AfricaStructure of the bookNoteReferencesTwo. Intra and inter-Africa migrations and implicationsGreener grass on the other side: The border as a facilitator of migration in West AfricaIntroductionECOWAS and migration in West AfricaBorders and West African migrationNavigating the greener grass in Côte d’Ivoire and NigeriaTowards a better migration management in West AfricaConclusionNoteReferencesUnravelling the Nigerian irregular migration quandary to southern Europe in the twenty-first centuryIntroductionReasons for the upsurge in irregular migration in the twenty-first centuryA brief overview of irregular migration in NigeriaBenin City and irregular migrationThe push–pull drivers of Bini irregular migration to ItalyConsequences of irregular migrationResponse mechanisms to irregular migration in Benin CityConclusion and recommendationsNotesReferencesIrregular emigration of Nigeria youths: An exploration of core drivers from the perspective and experiences of returnee migrantsIntroductionResearch methodologyTheoretical underpinningReasons for emigration and migrants’ experiencesExperiences of migrants in LibyaCore “push” factors responsible for irregular migration in NigeriaConcluding remarksNotesReferencesHuman mobility in the Southern African Development Community region: Some best practices for migration management from the European UnionIntroductionMethods and conceptual context for understanding migration management in regional economic communities in AfricaThe EU: the developments of regional integration and internal migrationMigration policies in the SADC regionTransferable best practicesConclusionNotesReferencesThree. African physical and symbolic borders and the migration questionPrecarity of borders and migration regimes in the Southern African regionIntroductionBackground and contextGated communities as social orderingSecuritisation of borders and migrationThe precarity of the borderThe SADC borders and the lingering migration questionConclusionNotesReferencesStereotyping and regional integration in the East African community: Challenges and opportunitiesIntroductionContextThe community objectives: a vocation at riskStereotypes: a conceptual guideThe emergence of stereotypes and East African integration: Kenya versus TanzaniaTesting the stereotype content model in East African integrationConclusionNotesReferencesThe Maghreb and intra-African migration: One challenge and different strategiesIntroductionDifferent and inconsistent migration policiesMorocco: an advanced and pragmatic migration policyAlgeria: a security-based and reluctant migration policyTunisia: a hybrid and incomplete migration policyMauritania: a preliminary and outsourced migration policyLibya: no migration policy, only scattered measuresMaghreb migration policy mechanismsLegal mechanismsSecurity mechanismsRegional cooperationConclusionReferencesIntegration, borders and migration in West Africa: Lessons from European Schengen AreaIntroductionProblematising West African bordersInterrogating integration, visa-free and border-free migration in West AfricaLessons from European Schengen AreaTowards rethinking integration, migration and borders in West AfricaConclusionNotesReferencesFour. Migration governance in Africa: prospects, contests and controversiesMigration, governance and geopolitical conflicts in Africa: A comparative analysis of the Moroccan Algerian migration policiesIntroductionBorder securitisation and migration management practices in Morocco and AlgeriaThe Moroccan migration policy: historical transformationsAlgeria’s consistent approach to migrationMigration policies: the need for local integration schemesConclusionReferencesRegional integration in Africa and the welfare of intra-African migrantsIntroductionRegional integration: the vision and the programsAfrican migration: host and migrant vulnerabilityConclusionNotesReferencesFive. Reimaging borders and migration management in AfricaReimaging borders and migration management in AfricaBorders and inter-Africa migrationsMigration, symbolic borders and integration in AfricaReimaging borders and migration management in AfricaReferences
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