The Holocaust: The Third Reich and the Jews

I: AnalysisStudying the HolocaustHolocaust and genocideWho is right?Studying the Holocaust historicallyThe JewsJewish originsJews and others in the ancient worldJews and Christian TeachingThe Jews in Christian EuropeIn modern timesThe twentieth centuryHitler, Nazis, Germans, and JewsThe Jews in Hitler’s world viewJews in the ideology and programme of NazismJews in German public opinionTrue believers and the First World WarOrdinary men or ordinary Germans?–1941: a twisted road?The Nazis in powerJews in Nazi policy and practiceThe state of documentationJewish policy and political contextResponding to persecutionPerceiving the threatTo leave or not to leave?Communal leadership: coping and resistingZionism, German Jewry, and world JewryExternal obstacles to emigrationThe transition to killingWhy begin killing?Local factorsThe means of murderOrganising the transportsResponding to murderInformation and imaginationCommunal responsibility and strategies for survivalThe unofficial communityLocal non-Jewish leaders and populations: opposition and complicityBeyond the Nazi realmHumanity, modernity, and the HolocaustCan the Holocaust be understood historically?Does the Holocaust teach lessons?Testing lessons historicallyThe Holocaust in history and todayII: DocumentsDocument 1 The defnition of ‘genocide’, by the word’s inventorDocument 2 From an early speech by Hitler about the JewsDocument 3 An ex-Nazi evaluates theanti-Jewish aspect of national socialism, 1939Document 4 Hitler and Horthy discuss the fate of Hungarian Jewry, April 1943Document 5 Kristallnacht in German public opinionDocument 6 Germans confront the deportation of their Jewish neighbours, 1941Document 7 The Lublin reservationDocument 8 A Soviet offcial notes a German demand to deport Jews from Germany to the USSR, February 1940Document 9 A German Jewish editor assesses the impact of the Nuremberg LawsDocument 10 A German Jewish woman describes her experience in the early Nazi yearsDocument 11 A Jewish man commits suicide in protest over exclusion from the German nationDocument 12 A German Jewish leader describes a ‘return to Judaism’Document 13 A Zionist explains how his movement can help German JewsDocument 14 A Polish report describes conditions for Jews after the German conquestDocument 15 Göring instructs Heydrich to prepare a ‘total solution’ of the Jewish questionDocument 16 Notes by Goebbels on a meeting with Hitler concerning the implications of Germany’s declaration of war against the United StatesDocument 17 A German government office considers how to deal with Jews in Soviet territoriesHeydrich instructs Einsatzgruppen heads to encourage local violence against Jews in Soviet borderlandsDocument 19 Invitation to the Wannsee ConferenceDocument 20 An eyewitness describes a mass shooting in the Soviet UnionDocument 21 A Sonderkommando member describes the Bełżec killing centreDocument 22 The Polish underground reports the liquidation of the Warsaw ghettoDocument 23 An early assessment of German policy towards Jews in occupied PolandDocument 24 The story of a mass shooting is met with disbeliefDocument 25 The first Jewish intuition of a Nazi murder programmeDocument 26 A youth movement member becomes an underground courierDocument 27 A Jewish underground party informs the Polish government-in-exile of a plan to murder all Polish JewsDocument 28 The Warsaw Judenrat offers to regulate Jewish forced labourDocument 29 The leader of the Białystok Judenrat preaches ‘salvation through work’Document 30 The head of the Łódź ghetto announces the deportation of childrenDocument 31 A Warsaw ghetto resident comments on Czerniaków’s suicideDocument 32 Self-help and alternative leadership in WarsawDocument 33 Hiding in a bunkerDocument 34 Fleeing German bombs for the Soviet eastDocument 35 Żegota appeals for funds to rescue Polish JewsDocument 36 A plea to combat blackmail of Jews in hidingDocument 37 Himmler comments on mass murderDocument 38 The United Nations General Assembly proclaims an International Day of Holocaust CommemorationGlossaryFurther reading
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