Strategic objective: Business development

Business development: To increase membership and membership categories, while remaining credible, diverse, and regionally representative. The GABV

GABV’s values-based Strategy Map (GABV, 2019c)

Figure 10.8 GABV’s values-based Strategy Map (GABV, 2019c).

will also monitor and support members in expanding the quality and quantity of the economic, social, and environmental impact.

Change process and target: To attract more members to the movement

Full members: Expand to 60—75 members by 2020 with sufficient representation from different continents, serving 70—100 million customers and including mission-aligned banking-related holding companies (considered on a case-by-case basis).

Develop a new category for banks in transition to a values-based approach, based on compliance with the Principles of Sustainable Banking and Score- card ratings.

Strategic objective: Profile development

Profile development: Establish the GABV as ‘the’ benchmark for values-based banking through a clearly defined position (based on content developed on the basis of the banking model of member banks and their impact); key relationships, strategic partnerships, and public profile opportunities.

Change process and target: To raise visibility through advocacy and communication

Advocacy: To provide an alternative point of view to the current banking system and its role in society; to advocate change in the banking system; to influence change in policy and regulation; to become a well-known, highly regarded and vibrant network of banks and influencing policymakers and regulators to develop a healthier banking system through trusted relationships with leading global actors e.g. World Bank and Asian Development Bank; to design Communities of Practice as key forums for sharing innovation and expertise within the Alliance to advance values-based banking.

Communication to develop a new category for banks in transition to a values-based approach, based on compliance with the principles of sustainable banking and scorecard ratings; to build the values-based banking movement, internally within the Alliance and its co-workers and externally with GABV partners and interested members of the public by a media strategy for web, social media, events, and publications; exchange their corporate identity and support co-branding with members and partners. Develop a media relations strategy and the next phase in the life of the GABV marketing and communications and the communities of practice.

Strategic objective: Partnership development

Partnership development: Help the GABV build relationships and collaboration with more external stakeholders in a more structured way. This in turn will build initiatives and innovations and amplify the #BankingOnValues movement and the global GABV brand. In 2016 a new category of membership was introduced to support this commitment formally.

Change processes and target: Partnerships and the #BankingOnValues movement

Support partners: Academic institutions or Independent research agencies who provide an alternative point of view to those of the current banking system; networks in different fields whose core values are similar to those of the GABV; development banks and other multilateral institutions; consulting organizations and private companies whose core values are similar to those of the Alliance; offer better help to banks transitioning to the values-based approach; amplify the experience and impact of GABV members through other networks and alliances, not necessarily exclusively in the banking field; identify and approach other values-based banks or transitioning banks in different parts of the world.

Strategic objective: Network and service development

Network and service development focuses on building the capacity of the GABV as a movement and as a network organization, positioning the Alliance to transition from start-up to growth phase, and readying the GABV for a renewed focus on member/business development

Change processes and targets: To help members and strengthen networking

Helping members: Help the Alliance improve the operational day-to-day management of activities through administrative, infrastructure, and process support; enhance the operational management of the Secretariat and Board of Directors; focus on process mapping and procedural improvements; implement an office management system, develop solutions, build processes, and implement improvements related to service providers, pipeline, and query management, team management, Executive Director support, financial management, and administration; implement IT and infrastructure solutions to ensure efficient and cost-effective operations; support the development of peer-to-peer exchange and use the forums to engage academic institutions for research purposes and in support of advocacy efforts; develop additional GABV Regional Chapters where local issues and positions can be addressed.

Networking: Provide support for GABV members to connect, collaborate, and create more impact; inspire GABV co-workers: remind them that they are part of something greater, something that can change the world, and how their passion and professionalism is fundamental; become better values-based bankers by networking, sharing, and learning from each other and reflecting on work in an international context; advance the field of values-based banking by educating GABV members about the movement, the innovations, and the potential; integrate performance plans for GABV co-workers involved in participating and supporting values-based banking activities; inter-member secondments and fellowships; GABV-member secondments; graduate classes of the GABV Leadership Academy; co-design the first open source online international training program and offer it every year as a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC).

Strategic objective: Overall development

Overall development: Focus on engagement through impact measurement and the development of a business case for values-based banking through research and proof points; the Scorecard; the creation of a knowledge-sharing platform to support Communities of Practices, hubs, and the growth of the values-based banking movement.

Change processes and targets: Measuring impact and providing capital solutions

Overall development: Conduct annual research updates including new members, issues and data; launch a reasonably independent Scorecard for assessing banks in terms of values-based banking and as a self-assessment tool for Executive Boards; publish annual results of Scorecards by all GABV members, SFRE Fund investees and other banks; periodically publish or cooperate in the publication of research papers or GABV position papers with a values-based focus; create a knowledge-sharing platform for GABV Member Banks, Partner Banks and Supporting Partners.


Over the years the Alliance has evolved from an incubator of ideals, concepts, initiatives, connections and partnerships into a generator of sector and system positions, collaborations, operational alliances, and policy influencers. For example: the SFRE Fund, initiated by the GABV, is already a spin-off; advocacy is growing from a local and regional perspective to national and international action; the Scorecard has the potential to become an industry standard; the leadership academy has evolved from a values ambassador community of practice to an independent professionally accredited values-based banking leadership development program; the Massachusetts Institute of Technology massive open online courses, developed with input from the GABV, will change how banking professionals, policy makers, and the interested public view the potential for a different kind of banking system.


The example of the GABV shows that the alliance is at the forefront of a quiet revolution in banking based on an innovative business idea and innovative practices founded on a change strategy of engaging people, open dialogue, and a cycle of experimentation, reflecting, exchanging, and learning. Innovation based on sustainable values helps the GABV to develop as a movement dedicated to advanced positive change in the banking sector. Innovation and development are based on a challenging ambition to create a movement for values-based banking worldwide. The innovation activities used by the GABV are in accordance with the change strategy of dialogue, learning, and development. Every employee of the GABV and member banks is a member of the GABV community. They are invited to present new ideas and take initiatives for innovation as long as these are in accordance with the guiding principles. The example of the GABV may support other organizations in aligning sustainable innovation with cultural values, leadership practices, and change strategies.

Working on a clear business idea for sustainable innovation is concerned with how organizations can retain their individual character, put their core qualities into action to realize renewal or innovation, and differentiating themselves by creating value for their customers. The key question is how a business wants to position itself and distinguish itself by creating value for customers. The example of the GABV shows that cultural changes for innovation are not just a matter for top managers and directors; the initiative can be taken from any role and any position. Innovative leaders actively involve other members of the organization and external interested parties in the articulation of a meaningful, attractive, and feasible vision of the future.

The methodology of ‘Managing by Sustainable Innovational Values’ may support organizations in aligning sustainable innovation with cultural values and strategic initiatives through dialogue with internal and external stakeholders. It helped the GABV to align their strategic ambitions with change processes initiated by members within the alliance.

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