Organizing Logics, Nonprofit Management and Change: Rethinking Power, Persuasion and Authority

Professionalization, Competing Institutional Logics and the Emergence of Organizational HybridityThe Coming of Age of Managerial Work in Nonprofit OrganizingAn Expressionist Tale of the Field: The Ethnographers' HandReferencesI: A Tale of Two Rhetorics: Organizational Life in the Milieu of Corporate and Community LogicsAn Organization in Search of PurposeA Short Version of a Long HistoryThe Logic of Nonprofit Organization: Making Sense of HybridityFrame A - CharterFrame B - CharityFrame C - HybridFrame D - CommercialGetting Down to Basics: Negotiating Means and EndsA Community LogicA corporate logicReferencesManagers in Search of PurposeDrawing the Battle Lines: Heroes and VillainsInternal Policing, Sanctioning and the Threat of RegulationReferencesSymbols, Rhetoric and StrategizingServing the Members or the Institute? Commercialization and the Search for GrowthWhat's in a Name?Good to GreatNoteReferencesII: Transforming Organizational TrajectoryStructuring for PurposeCorporate Philanthropy: Charity as Something we "do," not What we "are"Governance: Bring me "Big Business People"Senior Management: Increasing Power Distance and the Evolution of a Leadership ClassRationality, Gender and EmotionReferencesRewarding Loyalty to the (New) CauseInciting Individualism and Incentivizing CommercialitySearching for a Referent Comparator for Pay and RewardsMorality and "Profit" Sharing: Blurring the LineNoteReferencesImmobilizing Resistance and Overcoming DissentWhistleblowing: Making Sure There's Nowhere to goThe Resistors: Waiting Them Out, Flushing Them Out"That Woman": Discrediting the OppositionReferencesLeading Away from Purpose and Getting Away with ItDivide and Conquer: Cultivating Fear and ApathyScapegoating and Sacrificial LambsReferencesIdentification Work and Hybrid OrganizingRhetorical WorkIdeational WorkPractice Work and Hybrid OrganizingRhetorical Practice WorkStructural Practice WorkReferencesAppendix - Detailed Account of MethodsPhase 1 - Making Sense of a Hybrid ContextPhase 2 - Incidents (of Logic War)Incident 1 - Data SharingIncident 2 - The Bonus Setting ProcessIncident 3 - The Governance SettingAbout the Authors
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