Earth, Cosmos and Culture

Contextualising geographies of outer space in BritainMethods and sourcesoutlineNotesScience-fictional foundations: A comparative literary geography of H G Wells and Olaf StapledonLiterary geographies and science fictionLife-paths: biographical cultures of scienceH G Wells: science, society, and interplanetary spaceOlaf Stapledon: landscape, cosmos, and the sublimeReadings of the Universe, Earth, and humanityConclusion: foundational geographies of outer spaceNotesSynthesising outer space: The British Interplanetary SocietyHistorical geographies of outer space: synthesising technology and cultureEstablishing astronautics: P E Cleator, A M Low, and the British Interplanetary SocietyAlternative spaces of science: the British Interplanetary Society in Liverpool and LondonNetworking and theorising internationalism in space scienceConceptualising space exploration: the BIS space-shipConclusion: the spatiality of interplanetary scienceNotesOuter space and popular culture in post-war BritainOuter space, myth and modernity in QuatermassInterpreting the unknown: the UFO phenomenon in BritainDomesticating outer space: Patrick Moore, Spaceflight and the Sky at NightThe language of interplanetarisin in Arthur C Clarke’s space trilogyConclusion: diverse cultures of outer space in post-war BritainNotesThe British space programme: Geopolitics and empireOuter space and critical astropoliticsBritish internationalism in outer-space researchNew Elizabethanisin and a Commonwealth space programmeGeopolitical pivots: Americanism and Europeanism in British outer spaceAriel 1 and Starfish PrimeELDO and Blue StreakConclusion: British astropolitics and the limits of modernityNotesInterstellar exploration: Project Daedalus and the extra-solar universeGeopolitics, extra-terrestrial intelligence and the promise of the atomBarnard’s Star: imagining exo-planetary spaceDaedalus: reconceptualising the Solar System environmentInterpreting Daedalus: cultural and scientific impressionsConclusion: geographies of interstellar spaceNotesSpace exploration, science and nationalismNationalism and cultures of outer spaceHelen Shannan: banal nationalism and narratives of explorationBeagle 2: public memory and national popular cultureTim Peake: performing nationalism in spaceConclusion: nationalism and British cultures of space explorationNotesUK spaceports: contested orbital landscapesConceptual art and outer space: Katie Paterson and the cosmic sublimeConclusion: the shape of things to come?NotesBibliography
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