Level II "Allocation and Integration at the Process Level"

At level II, all three roles assigned to this level were apparent: those of Donor, Resource exchange platform, and Process integrator. In reference to the first role - “Donor” - we should above all highlight the activities of ArchEnerg Cluster in the area of supporting the development of the professional skills of the cluster members, with a view to which numerous lectures and courses are organized. ArchEnerg Cluster also organizes various professional courses and strives to develop further training programs to enable the constant development of skills among the employees of cluster entities. ArchEnerg Cluster also strives to develop the competences of the managers of the CO itself, which finds its reflection in its participation in the project Cluster4Smart project - an online training resource for cluster managers toward a smart industry, which offers an innovative course for existing and future cluster managers.

In the second role (“Resource exchange platform”), ArchEnerg Cluster undertakes various activities with a view to support the search for potential entities to cooperate with - both within the CO and outside of the CO (national and international business partners). ArchEnerg Cluster keeps a record of the resources of its members in the form of a competence map, with the members divided (geographically and substantively) into smaller subgroups. ArchEnerg Cluster also makes attempts to publish information on the CO and its members in international databases on partners (by providing project descriptions, detailed datasets, etc.).

ArchEnerg Cluster also develops areas pertaining to joint activities, tied to integration at the process level (“Process integrator”). This particularly refers to joint market activities tied to market research and analysis, joint marketing activities (development of a website, participation of the CO on social media websites, representation of the CO during national and international events), as well as logistical processes. ArchEnerg Cluster undertakes actions tied to both the development of “input”, as well as “output” logistics. The CO plans on initiating an integrated supplier program, within which it will develop and coordinate a network of suppliers of resources, parts, tools, and services. The plans of ArchEnerg Cluster also include the creation of shared distribution channels in the form of an online store, which would offer all of the final products of the cluster and its members. The above initiatives are intended to strengthen the competitive position of the cluster members through the intensification of domestic sales. The CO also plans to develop export actions tied to the development of an international sales network. The integration of logistical processes in the CO is intended to meet the expectations of small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) associated in ArchEnerg Cluster, which would be able to leverage group purchasing to lower operational costs. In turn, the shared online sales platform could be used to distribute both their own products, as well as those created jointly within the CO itself.

Level III "Impact on the Environment"

The actions of ArchEnerg Cluster pertaining to the support of the development of the energy sector in the region fall within cooperation level III. At this level, ArchEnerg Cluster fulfills the roles of an “Information tube” (through the constant monitoring of the environment and enabling access to the collected information) and “Connector with the environment” (by combining members with key actors from outside the CO), but it remains the most active in its role as a “Lobbyist-visionary”.

The operations of ArchEnerg Cluster targeted at the development of the renewables sector are harmonious with strategic international projects (the European Union (EU) energy strategy for 2030), as well as national projects (the Szechenyi 2020 program and relevant operational programs). It is also tied to national and regional smart specializations. ArchEnerg Cluster focuses on the development of a cross-regional (Partium and Wojwodina) and international systems of partner relationships around common problems in the renewable energy sector, by initiating cooperation with entities from both the public and private sectors. These entities include representatives of public authorities, regional development agencies (RDAs), research and development (R&D) institutions and institutions of higher educations, associations and chambers of industry and commerce as well as technology and industrial parks. ArchEnerg Cluster also cooperates with other COs in the scope of joint projects focused on the energy sector. One such project is the European COSMENERG project, which promotes the development of cluster cooperation on an international scale. The aim of this initiative is to develop R&D cooperation focusing on creating high-tech solutions in the industry, undertaking joint projects, and sharing experiences and best practices. Another completed project, which falls within cooperation level III, is “Promotion of the practical application of reusable energy sources and solutions in the areas of energy efficiency among the inhabitants of the Great Hungarian Plain”, the aim of which was to hold an awareness campaign on the benefits of using renewable energy sources.

ArchEnerg Cluster supports the development of a regional skills resource database in cooperation with the University of Szeged Congress Centre. The CO is also an important partner in developing the labor market by raising the quality of education in the Csongrad county. It engages in activities focused on the development of the system of continuing and vocational training. In this way, ArchEnerg Cluster represents the interests of employers in the region, including the interests of the cluster members, who expect alumni to have competences which are strictly in sync with their current needs. The activities undertaken by ArchEnerg Cluster in this area pertain to the execution of diverse projects focused on the development of human resources, including the development of training programs, vocational training, and courses offered at different levels of expertise. ArchEnerg Cluster mediates in the organization of vocational training, which is offered in cluster companies for students, enriching their knowledge with practical experiences.

The activities undertaken by ArchEnerg Cluster in the scope of supporting the didactic process also manifest themselves at the level of higher education. One member of ArchEnerg Cluster is the Szeged University', which in collaboration with the CO executes projects from the area of energy. In 2012, regional clusters, ArchEnerg Cluster included, have entered into a partnership, wherein the clusters have initiated the development of a special training system encompassing consultancy, development, design, and exploitation in the area of energy. In 2013, within the framework of the above partnership, an internship program was launched, in which ArchEnerg Cluster was an active participant. ArchEnerg Cluster also participates in the educational project SCOBE: Systematizing Collaboration amongst Business and Educational Institutions, the aim of which is the development of vocational training in cooperation with business.

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