Level II "Allocation and Integration at the Process Level"

The activities of NEU e.V. at cooperation level II are best reflected in the structure of this CO. NEU e.V. creates cluster teams, which are coordinated by the CO and comprise its members. Each team is devoted to a different area of interest - at present, seven substantive lines are being developed within NEU e.V.:

  • 1 Bioeconomy: the development of a platform devoted to monitoring the intelligent use of bioenergy
  • 2 Intelligent mobility (E-mobility)
  • 3 The environment (with a focus on water and waste management)
  • 4 Dealers and service providers (energy sales)
  • 5 New energy systems (solar energy)
  • 6 Educational qualifications (education and vocational training)
  • 7 Water pathways (water waste and management)

Beside the above activities, NEU e.V. also undertakes actions characteristic of the role of a “Donor”. It enables its members to access detailed information, strictly tailored to their needs, with the use of an existing information flow and communication system within the CO. By fulfilling one of the goals tied to the development of employee skills, NEU e.V. offers its members regular workshops and training (in the form of, e.g. a virtual academy).

Some of the forms of activities in NEU e.V. are tied to the role of a Broker, which means they situate NEU e.V. in the role of a “Resource- exchange platform”. On its website, the CO presents a catalog of cluster companies in the belief that this is an efficient means of finding a potential partner and establish direct contact between cluster entities. NEU e.V. actively participates in obtaining suppliers, subcontractors and potential partners by initiating the creation of cooperation networks. During thematic workshop sessions organized in NEU e.V., the CO creates maps of the competences and resources available in the CO for its members. Information on potential partners may also be obtained through direct contacts with the CO’s representatives. Furthermore, NEU e.V. supports its cluster members in obtaining funds by helping them in the search for and selection of financing sources. It also mediates in contacts with financial institutions. The role of NEU e.V. as a “Resource-exchange platform” is not limited only to its members. NEU e.V. also mediates in contacts between its members and external entities.

One of NEU’s activities, which could be assigned to the third role derived at this level - that of a “Process integrator” - is the support offered by the CO with respect to activities tied to shared public relations with the use of developed channels of communication.

Level III "Impact on the Environment"

In cooperation with the city of Leipzig, NEU e.V. fulfills all three roles defined at level III: “Information tube” (by distributing information on its program and available financing options), “Connector with the environment” (by developing cooperation with external entities), and primarily that of a “Lobbyist-visionary”, within which it fulfills its strategic goals tied to the development of the industry and the region, as well as its support of education. NEU e.V. represents the interests of its members, as well as other entities operating in the energy sector (including educational institutions and administrative bodies) in different political and economic bodies. It supports public authorities in shaping innovative and industrial policy, as well as engages in strengthening a regional skills resource database. The CO also engages in the promotion of Leipzig as a city of intelligent infrastructure, as well as undertakes activities focused on the development of an intelligent infrastructure ecosystem in the city. NEU e.V. participates in the project Central Europe FIRECE, the goal of which is to improve the ability of the public sector (and relevant entities) to plan territoriality based on low-carbon strategies in the framework of Regional Energy Plans, supporting the low-carbon energy transition of the traditional industrial sector to meet the regional energy-saving targets defined according to the EU and national legislation. The CO also supports activities associated with the development of e-mobility in Leipzig by engaging in the project “Lipsia-e-motion”, the goal of which is to raise the awareness of the inhabitants of Leipzig of sustainable and environment- friendly means of transport in their daily lives. By participating in the project, NEU e.V. members have the possibility to gain knowledge on alternative means of financing, as well as to test them out. One of the campaigns prepared by NEU e.V. will pertain to the financing campaign for the “Lipsia-e-motion” race. NEU e.V. also participates in other projects centered on the development of cooperation in the energy sector, including TREC Donau, TREC Donau II, COSMENERG, and GISBERT.

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