RtI in Math: Evidence-Based Interventions

What Is Response to Intervention?Models of ImplementationSummaryUsing Assessment to Make Instructional DecisionsStep 1: Problem IdentificationStep 2: Problem AnalysisStep 3: Intervention Plan DevelopmentStep 4: Plan ImplementationStep 5: Plan EvaluationSummaryOverview of Evidence-Based Practices for Teaching MathematicsEvidence-Based Practices for the Core Curriculum (Tier 1)Interventions to Support Students Who Struggle in (Tiers 2 & 3)SummarySetting the Stage: Increasing MotivationWhy Focus on Motivation?Increasing Motivation by Creating Meaningful, Engaging LessonsUsing Self-Monitoring and Goal-Setting to IncreaseEffective Use of PraiseRewardsSummaryExplicit InstructionInstructional Considerations for Struggling LearnersThe Explicit Instruction LessonHow Explicit Instruction Improves MotivationSummaryConcrete and Visual RepresentationResearch on the Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract (CPA) SequenceRecommendations for Implementing the CPA SequenceSummaryDeveloping Number SenseCounting and Representing Whole NumbersMagnitude ComparisonPlace ValueIntensifying InstructionOperations with Whole Numbers: Addition and SubtractionDeveloping Conceptual Understanding of Addition and SubtractionDeveloping Computational Fluency with Basic FactsSolving Multi-Digit Addition and Subtraction ProblemsIntensifying Instruction During InterventionsSummaryOperations with Whole Numbers: Multiplication and DivisionDeveloping Conceptual Understanding of MultiplicationDeveloping Fluency with Multiplication and Division FactsMultiplication with Rectangular ArraysThe Standard Algorithm for MultiplicationMulti-Digit DivisionIntensifying Instruction During InterventionsSummaryFact FluencyDeveloping Strategies for Solving Basic FactsAutomaticitySummaryRepresenting Rational NumbersFractionsDecimalsPercentIntensifying InstructionSummaryProblem-SolvingProblem-Solving in the Core Curriculum (Tier 1)Teaching Problem-Solving During Interventions (Tier 2 & Tier 3)SummarySelecting Materials for Core Instruction (Tier 1)Selecting Materials for Interventions (Tiers 2 & 3)Intensifying InstructionSummary