British Columbia (Canada)

Fraser Health

Coaching on how to start a conversation with family, videos, and resources for ACP.


Center for Healthcare Decisions

Provides educational materials, trainings, and policy recommendations to help to implement new EOL policies and practices.

Coalition for Compassionate Care of California

A statewide partnership of regional and statewide organizations, state agencies, and individuals. Coda Alliance

Community education to empower the public and help foster conversations about what it means to “live well” at the EOL; provides assistance with ACP and offers “Go Wish Cards” for facilitating conversations.


Colorado Advance Directives Consortium

Information organization of professionals in health care, senior services, law, and ethics dedicated to improving the tools and processes for health care decision making in Colorado.

Hospice and Palliative Care of Western Colorado

ACP initiative with forms and links.

Life Quality Institute

Advancing palliative care through education. Provides forms and educational presentations on ACP.


Connecticut Coalition to Improve End-of-Life Care

Working to improve the care of people who are dying and their families, and to ensure that every individual has information about and access to compassionate, quality EOL care. Provides booklet Beginning the Conversation about Death, Dying and End-of-Life Care in Connecticut.


Delaware Decisions

Devoted to educating the community about ACP.

Hospice and Palliative Care Network of Delaware

Working to improve access to quality EOL care by identifying barriers and working to overcome them. Provides slide show “As You Wish” on ACP. Florida

Department of Elder Affairs—State of Florida

Information on EOL initiatives and resources in Florida.

Center for Hospice, Palliative Care and End-of-Life Studies

University of South Florida initiative to optimize care and systems of care for patients and families faced with non-curable diseases by generating new knowledge through interdisciplinary research, educating health and human service professionals, and influencing public policy to support quality EOL care.

Project Grace

Partnership of physicians, elder care providers, and concerned citizens of Florida dedicated to changing the death-defying, technology-driven approach to EOL care to a holistic, compassionate one that respects human dignity and the individual's best interests and personal wishes. Provides community and corporate presentations on ACP, booklets, links, and a resource library.


Georgia Health Decisions' CRITICAL Conditions Planning Guide

Provides The CRITICAL ConditionsSM Planning Guide, emphasizing conversation and documentation of wishes for EOL care.

Georgia Hospice and Palliative Care Organization

Information, education, and advocacy. Links for ACP.


End-of-Life Care for Hawaii's Ohana

Group-targeted messages and individually tailored support on EOL planning for family caregivers of elders receiving long-term care services. Downloadable booklets on various aspects of ACP. Initiative of the University of Hawaii Center on Aging. Kokua Mau: Hawaii's Hospice and Palliative Care Organization Organization includes individual and organizational champions and supporters from hospitals, education, consumers, insurance, long term care and hospices; provides resources and links on ACP, including POLST.


Idaho End-of-Life Coalition

Resources about compassionate care for people as they complete life, including resources on ACP.

Intermountain Healthcare

ACP conversation guide and planning booklet. advanceplanning.aspx


Chicago End-of-Life Coalition

Links and resources; speakers bureau on EOL care, including ACP.


Honoring Your Wishes (Iowa City Hospice)

Provides free consultations with ACP facilitators who help individuals explore options and prepare written plans.


Indiana Hospice and Palliative Care Organization

Provides ACP booklet emphasizing conversation.


LaPOST: A Health Care Quality Forum Initiative

Initiative of the Louisiana Health Care Quality Forum to empower consumers and health care professionals with easy-to-access, simple-to-understand information and resources to make educated decisions about EOL care;
emphasis on LaPOST, a Louisiana version of POLST (Physicians Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment).


Maine Hospice Council and Center for End-of-Life Care

Promoting excellence in EOL care; promotes POLST as well as EOL planning in prison.

MaineHealth Palliative Care Initiative

Promoting education and support for health care professionals to conduct conversations with patients and their families to help them make medical decisions about the care they wish to receive.


Better Ending

Nonprofit community coalition in Central Massachusetts working to help individuals and their families plan for EOL and receive community support. Provides planning guide and “Personal Wishes” form.


End-of-Life Care Committee

Organized to disseminate information about and engage in educational initiatives to promote knowledge about ADs and other planning processes associated with EOL decision making.

MI Seniors: Michigan Office of Services to the Aging

ACP booklet.,4635,7-234----,00.html


Honoring Choices (Twin Cities Medical Society)

Designed to inspire and support community-based conversations regarding EOL care planning. Includes a toolkit of video, text, and web links to support these conversations. Mayo Health Systems-Mankato

Resources for ACP, emphasizing how to have conversations with physicians, family, and friends; includes volunteer “ambassadors” who give consultation to patients and families on ACP. advance-care-planning/have-conversations


Missouri End-of-Life Coalition

Education and empowerment for policy makers and dying persons and their families. Includes “Life Choices” workshop on ACP and other resources.


Montana Department of Justice: End-of-Life Registry and Advance Health Care Directives

Stores advance health care directives in a secure computer database and

makes these documents available to health care providers; links to toolkits on ACP.


Nevada Center for Ethics and Health Policy (University of Nevada, Reno) Resources and links on ACP, including discussion guide for group discussions on EOL care.

New Hampshire

New Hampshire Healthcare Decisions Coalition

Information to assist persons making EOL care decisions; planning guide, educational video, and booklet on ACP in the workplace. tion-home.html

New Hampshire Hospice and Palliative Care Organization

Links and conversation guides on ACP. New Mexico

Being With Dying

Initiative of the Upaya Institute in Santa Fe. Trainings for physicians, nurses, psychologists, social workers, hospice workers, and clergy to enhance competencies in EOL care and introduce innovative approaches in psychosocial, ethical, and spiritual aspects of care.

New York

Compassion and Support at End of Life (Rochester)

Collaboration to increase acceptance of ADs in the community; emphasis on Medical Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment (MOLST). advance_care_planning

Sharing Your Wishes (Western and Central New York)

Increasing awareness of ACP and the importance of health care decision making for older adults; promotes local coalitions and provides a planning guide and a tool kit for community engagement.

Southern Tier End-of-Life Coalition (Binghamton)

Provides ACP workshops for religious, workplace, and social groups.

North Carolina

End of Life Care Coalition (Greenville)

Presents ACP clinics and film series.

North Carolina Medical Society

Video and other resources on ACP.

Project Compassion

Creates community and provides innovative support for people living with serious illness, caregiving, EOL, and grief; consult visits, workshops, and resources help people understand and communicate EOL care wishes; planning workbook Getting It Together: Planning Ahead. Ohio

Midwest Care Alliance

Ohio organization for hospice and palliative care. Provides ACP booklet,

Conversations That Light the Way.


University of Oklahoma-Tulsa

ACP consultations through the University Center for Palliative Care. advance-care-planning.html


Death With Dignity

Has led the legal defense and education of the Oregon Death with Dignity Law for nearly 20 years; links to ACP resources, including Alzheimer's and Dementia Mental Health Directive.


Coalition for Quality at the EOL

Engaging the community to build demand for better EOL care, building capacity among local health care institutions for the delivery of skilled and compassionate care, focusing attention on the regulatory and financial barriers to quality EOL care, and promulgating appropriate standards and measures; public awareness and educational campaigns.

Take Charge of Your Life Partnership

Educates, supports, and empowers people to deal with EOL issues through outreach to consumers, professionals, community organizations, and corporations. Site includes tool kits and Just Talk About It videos and discussion guides.

South Dakota

Life Circle of South Dakota (University of South Dakota)

Statewide collaboration of institutions, organizations, and people committed to improving EOL care; resources for community presentations on ACP, including EMT/EMS training for Comfort One (out-of-hospital DNR). Tennessee

Tennessee End-of-Life Partnership

Encourages and supports local grassroots coalitions to improve EOL care; resources for community presentations on ACP.


The Y Collaborative

Provides EOL consulting services. Initiative of educator, leader, and life coach Dr. Susan Lieberman, with Nancy Rust in Houston, Texas; emphasizes conversation about ACP in advance of serious illness.


End-of-Life Care Partnership of Utah

Coalition of individuals and member organization that promotes dialogue with professionals and the public to support practices that improve care for persons near the EOL and their families. Tool kit for ACP.


Start the Conversation

Public education initiative on EOL planning by Vermont's nonprofit Visiting Nurses Association and Home Health and Hospice Agencies. In partnership with Vermont Ethics Network; education events and resources focused on conversation.


Center for Palliative Care Education

Curriculum to improve EOL care for persons with HIV/AIDS and applicable to other illnesses; includes module on ACP.

Compassion and Choices of Washington

Assist with all aspects of EOL decision making; facilitate discussions about EOL choices between patients, physicians, and family members; includes Values Workshop to help explore EOL decisions and Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Mental Health AD. West Virginia

West Virginia Center for End-of-Life Care

Sponsors Respecting Choices Facilitator Training to participants to assist patients and families with difficult EOL decisions and provides a method for converting patient's treatment preferences into medical orders that are recognized throughout the health care continuum; includes e-directory of ADs.

Hospice of the Panhandle (Martinsburg)

Provides educational programs to the community about ACP.


Honoring Choices Wisconsin

Statewide initiative of the Wisconsin Medical Society to build system change, advocacy, and education around ACP; working to make ACP a standard element of patient care; training provided by Respecting Choices.

Respecting Choices (Gundersen Health System, LaCrosse, Wisconsin) Internationally recognized, evidence-based ACP program that has become the model for many other ACP initiatives. Provides assistance to other communities who want to transform how they provide EOL care. Uses a staged approach that is tailored to the individual's health status.


Central Wyoming Hospice and Transitions (Casper)

Speakers bureau on issues of how to talk about death and dying and EOL decisions.

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