Online Social Networks Security: Principles, Algorithm, Applications, and Perspectives

Overview of OSNs and Their Impacts on UsersOnline Social Network VulnerabilitiesFundamentals of Online Social NetworksFunctional Parameters of Online Social NetworkInteraction Among Service Providers and Its UsersBackground and MotivationStatistical Analysis Based on Usage and OthersVarious Categories of Online Social NetworksRapid Growth of Social Network EnvironmentUsage of Online Social Networks Based on RequirementOnline Social Network Issues and ImpactDifficulties in Detection and Mitigation of Various Attacks Against OSNsSummaryReferencesSecurity Challenges in Social Networking: Taxonomy, Statistics, and OpportunitiesThe Dark Side of Online Social Networks and MediaMistakes and Wrong Responses by the PeopleOnce It's Out: It's OutVarious Opportunities in OSNsTaxonomy of OSN-Based AttacksAdvanced Persistent ThreatsClassical ThreatsSocial ThreatsTaxonomy of Various Solutions Against OSN AttacksIn-Built Security SolutionThird-Party Software SolutionsOther Security Solutions Against OSN AttacksSummaryReferencesFundamentals of Online Social Networks (OSNs) and OpportunitiesOpportunities in Social MediaBrandingBuilding of Social Authority in Social PlatformCustomers’ EngagementSending the Word OutWhat to Say? and What Not to?Cobras (Consumer Brand-Related Activity)HashtagMistake in Replying to Users of Social NetworkCollective IntelligenceConclusionReferencesMachine-Learning and Deep-Learning-Based Security Solutions for Detecting Various Attacks on OSNsIntroductionMotivation Towards WorkingProblem DefinitionProposed Approach for Fake-Account DetectionCharacteristics Analysis of Twitter AccountsSelection of Features and Computing Feature SetsConstruction of a Raw Dataset and the Creation of a Labelled Dataset from Raw DataPetri Net-Based AnalyserSimulation of Petri Net in PN2 EnvironmentVerification Using SPIN Model CheckerEvaluation of Result and Performance AnalysisExecution Method and ResultSummaryReferencesVarious Threats and Threat-Handling ToolsIntroductionWhy Attackers Love Social Media PlatformsCategories of Social Media Attacks Based on Account TypesCategories of Online Social Media AttacksCyber Security Tools for Protecting User Account and InformationSummaryReferencesPreventive Measures and General PracticesIntroductionPractice Tips to Protect Your System, Account, and InformationOpen Issues and Challenges in Existing Security SolutionsPrinciples to Protect the User Account on a Social PlatformSummaryReferencesData Theft in Indonesia: A Case Study on FacebookIntroductionFacebook Data Breaker in IndonesiaExpert Opinion Regarding the Data Leak CaseNGO Comments on the Privacy IssuesGovernment Undertook MeasuresViolating of Rights to Privacy (Singapore Case Related to Facebook)Data Protection Based on International and National LawInternational Law Instrument—Based Evolution of Protection of Privacy RightsConclusionReferences
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