Off-Site Enhanced Biogas Production with Concomitant Pathogen Removal from Faecal Matter

General introductionScope of researchThesis outlineAn evaluation of the limitations of sanitation chain in low income, high density settlements: Case study, Kibera, KenyaAbstractIntroductionMethodIntroductionQuestionnairesResultsInstitutional and Legal Framework for FSM in Nairobi CityBio-resource based approach to sanitationFunding, technology selection and ownership of the sanitation technologiesOperation and Management of the sanitation facilitiesToilet emptying, transportation and disposal of faecal sludgeDiscussionSanitation provision approachKibera sanitation chainLegal and institutional frameworkConclusionsAcknowledgementsReferencesBuild-up and impact of volatile fatty acids on E. coli and A. lumbricoides during co-digestion of urine diverting dehydrating toilet (UDDT-FS) FaecesAbstractIntroductionMaterials and MethodsUDDT-FS waste samplesOrganic market waste samplesFertilised A. lumbricoides eggsLaboratory Scale Experimental set-upAnalytical proceduresTotal solids and volatile solidsVFA measurementsE. coli enumerationA. lumbricoides egg recoveryData analysisResults and discussionVFA concentration effect on E. coli inactivationCo-digestion of UDDT Waste and Mixed OMWEffect of mix ratio on pH and VFA build-upE. coli inactivation in single substrate and co-digestion experimentsA. lumbricoides egg inactivationPractical application in enhancing UDDT-FS sanitisationConclusionsAcknowledgementsReferencesVolatile fatty acids (VFA) build-up and its effect on E. coli inactivation during excreta digestion in single-stage and two-stage systemsAbstractIntroductionMaterials and MethodsUDDT-Faeces waste samplesMixed Organic Market Waste samples (OMW)Pilot scale AD experimentsPlug flow reactor start-up and operation in single substrate and co-digestion experimentsAnalytical proceduresTotal solids and volatile solidsVFA measurementsE. coli enumerationResults and discussionEvaluation of the performance of single stage reactor (Rs) systemCo-digestion of UDDT-FS and OMW in a two-stage reactor (Ram) systemConclusionsAcknowledgementsReferencesAnaerobic digestion of Urine Diverting Dehydrating Toilet Faeces (UDDT-FS) in urban poor settlements: Biochemical energy recoveryAbstractIntroductionMaterials and MethodsUDDT-FS waste samplesOrganic market waste samplesInoculumExperimental setupLaboratory scale BMP testPilot scale AD experimentsPlug flow digester start-up and operation in one- and two-stage ADAnalytical proceduresData analysisResults and discussionMethane production in batch scale BMP testsMethane production pilot scale experimentsAD application of UDDT-FS management in LIHDSConclusionsAcknowledgementsReferencesGeneral discussionEnhancing pathogen inactivation during ADBiochemical energy recovery during anaerobic stabilisation of UDDT-FSSanitation in relation to energy crisisLIHDS sanitation; Sustainability assessmentConclusionsRecommendationsReferences
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