Compost Utilization in Production of Horticultural Crops

Past, present and future of compost in horticulture crop productionHistory of compost and composting in horticulture productionCompost use in horticultural cropsCompost future trendsReferencesImpact of compost on soil health Impacts of compost on soil physical propertiesEffect of compost soil chemical propertyEffect of compost on soil biological propertyReferencesFertility program using compost in fruit crops, vegetable and field ornamental productionCompost nitrogen availability in crop productionCompost phosphorous and potassium availability in crop productionCompost micronutrient availability in crop productionEffects of compost heavy metal content in crop productionAccumulation of soluble salts and compost application in crop productionUsing compost in a fertility program in crop productionReferencesOrganic compost in crop productionCompost utilization in fruit productionCompost and agriculture sustainability of tree cropsSoil structure and fertilityCompost and tree fruit qualityReferencesCompost utilization in vegetable productionU.S. government, state and county/city compost regulation in vegetable productionSources of compost in vegetable productionCompost quality guidelines in vegetable productionHoiv and when to incorporate compost in vegetable productionCompost effects in vegetable productionSteps to success using compost in vegetable productionAvoiding problems using compost in vegetable productionReferencesCompost utilization in ornamental and nursery crop productionContainerized floricultureField-grown floricultureNotesReferencesCompost utilization in turfgrass and lawn management The history of turfgrassWhat is compost?The composting processCompost feedstocks suitable for use with turfgrassCompost benefits to soil health in turfgrass productionBenefits of compost in turf grass growth and developmentCompost considerations for use on turfgrass productionUses for compost on turfgrass production and maintenanceCompost use as turf grass top dressing in lawn and athletic fieldsEconomic impact of compost use in turfgrassReferencesUtilization of compost and food safetyUsing compost on nematodes management in horticulture cropsUsing compost on nematode managementNematicidal effect of compost on plant-parasitic nematodesCompost application may increase plant-parasitic nematodes?Free-living nematodes and improvement of crop yields the "new paradigm"ReferencesCompost tea foliar disease suppression in horticulture cropsBenefits of compost teasCompost teas typesApplication methods and compost teas qualityUse of compost teas to promote foliar diseases suppression in horticulture cropsNoteReferencesCompost utilization and the economic impact in crop productionManaging the organic matter (humus) pool by using compost in horticultureEroding soil in horticulture productionAnimal manure as an organic material in horticulture productionContamination concerns by the horticulture marketEnvironmental benefits associated with composts applicationsEconomics of compost applicationEquipment required for compost applicationHorticulture industry using compostA peek into the compost future?References
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