Discourses of Perfection:Representing Cosmetic Procedures and Beauty Products in UK Lifestyle Magazi

Creating and Selling the Malleable BodyThe Body as Focus - Naturalism and Social ConstructionismThe Body as Focus - Ncoliberalism and ConsumerismMasculine and Feminine Bodies in Lifestyle Magazines and the Beauty MarketFrom Ideal to Real and from Dude to DudGay and Heterosexual Male IdentitiesNotesReferencesCosmetic ProceduresCosmetic Surgery - Towards a DefinitionCosmetic Surgery - Brief History and Current StateCosmetic Surgery - Current State of the MarketCosmetic Surgery - Critique of (the Regulation of) a MarketCosmetic Surgery - Advertising Regulations in the UKCosmetic Surgery and the National Health ServiceCosmetic Surgery - Representation and NormalisationA ContinuumCosmetic Procedures for MenNotesReferencesMethodology and ProjectCritical Impetus and Qualitative Content and Thematic Analysis - InfluencesContext VariablesThe ProjectCorpusThe Process - Corpus AnalysisStep One: Wmatrix and Sketch EngineCorpus Tools for the Analysis of Multimodal DataStep Two: NVivoThe Process - Focus Group and InterviewsProcedure Focus Group and InterviewsNotesReferencesCosmetic Procedures and Beauty Products/Services in Editorials and AdvertisingThe Changing Advertising LandscapeRepresentation of Cosmetic Procedures in Magazine FeaturesCancel the BotoxHowever, the Pain Is Not Too BadRealism, Laddism, and Woman 2.0SummaryNotesReferencesCosmetic Procedures and Beauty Products/Services in Advertising - GeneralChange in Advertising for Cosmetic ProceduresLook Good, Feel GoodYou Have a Problem, We Have the SolutionThe Choice Is Yours‘The Science of Looking Awesome’‘Where Nature Meets Science’SummaryNotesReferencesCosmetic Procedures and Beauty Products/Services in Advertising - Medical and Commercial AspectsMedical AspectsMedical ProfessionalsThe Surgeon as ArtistProfessionalism, Experience, and ExpertiseFor Sale: Cosmetic ProceduresCosmetic Procedures - ParodiesSummaryNotesReferencesBlurring BoundariesCosmetic Procedures in MagazinesBeauty Products and TreatmentsAdvertising for Beauty Products and TreatmentsContinuum ViewIf You Are Not Ready for This ...‘Boundary’ - a ConceptReception of Representation Cosmetic ProceduresSummaryNotesReferencesNegotiating Masculinities in the Beauty Market‘Because Men and Women Will Always Be DifferentMale Values and Activities - SportsMale Values and Activities - Violence and Fighting WarriorsMale Values and Activities - Rational Appeal and PracticalityMale Values in Women’s MagazinesAwareness of and Scepticism Towards Beauty MarketInsecurities and What It Means to Be a Man(Group) Interviews“I Like to Take Care of My Appearance”“Ob Funny Ha Ha” - Humour as Symbolic Resource“Just a Normal Hydrating Sort of Moisturiser Stuff”“Eight Quid for a Little Squeezy Bottle”Heterosexual and gay MasculinitiesSummaryNotesReferencesConcluding RemarksImplications for PolicyLimitations and Recommendations for Further ResearchA Complex FieldNotesReferencesAppendix A
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