Quality Management in Oil and Gas Projects

Section 1. Quality Tools and Techniques in Oil and Gas ProjectsOverview of QualityHistory of QualityDefinition of QualityEvolution of Quality Management SystemQuality InspectionQuality ControlQuality AssuranceQuality EngineeringQuality ManagementTotal Quality ManagementChanging Views of QualityQuality Gurus and Total Quality Management PhilosophiesPrinciples of Total Quality ManagementDefinition of Quality for Construction ProjectsQuality Management SystemQuality PlanQuality AssuranceQuality ControlIntegrated Quality Management SystemRisk ManagementRisk Management ProcessIdentify RiskAnalyze/Assess RiskPrioritizationPlan Risk ResponseReduce RiskMonitor and Control RiskRisks in Construction ProjectsSupply Chain ManagementSupply Chain Management ProcessSupply Chain StakeholderSupply Chain Management ProcessesSupply Chain in Construction ProjectsQuality Management SystemQuality StandardsImportance of StandardsStandards OrganizationsInternational Organization for StandardizationISO 9000 Quality Management SystemQuality System DocumentationQuality Management System ManualDevelopment of Quality Management SystemISO CertificationISO/TS 29001Quality AuditOverview of Oil and Gas ProjectsOil and Gas ProjectsOil and Gas Project Life CycleProject Delivery SystemsTypes of Project Delivery SystemsDesign–BuildThe Turnkey ContractTypes of Contracting/PricingManagement of Oil and Gas ProjectProject Management ProcessesQuality Tools for Oil and Gas IndustryIntroductionCategorization of ToolsClassic Quality ToolsManagement and Planning ToolsProcess Analysis ToolsProcess Improvement ToolsInnovation and Creative ToolsLean ToolsCost of QualityQuality Function DeploymentSix SigmaIntroductionSix Sigma MethodologyAnalytic Tool SetsTrizTRIZ MethodologyApplication of TRIZTRIZ ProcessTools for Construction Project DevelopmentTools for Study StageTools for Design StageTools for Bidding and Tendering StageTools for EPC StageHSE in Oil and Gas ProjectsHealth, Safety, and Environmental ManagementTotal Safety ManagementHealth, Safety, and Environmental StandardsISO 14000 Environmental Management SystemOccupational Health and Safety Assessment Series 18000ISO 45000Health, Safety, and Environmental Management SystemHealth, Safety, and Environmental Management PlanMajor Causes of Site AccidentsPreventive MeasuresSection 2. Quality Management Principles, Procedures, Concepts, and Methods in Oil and Gas ProjectsOverview of Quality in Oil and Gas ProjectsHistory of QualityTotal Quality ManagementConstruction ProjectsProcess-Type ProjectsNon–Process-Type ProjectsLife Cycle of Construction ProjectQuality Definition of Construction ProjectsConstruction Quality and Total Quality ManagementQuality Principles in Oil and Gas ProjectsQuality Management SystemSelection of Project TeamsProject TeamConstruction Project StakeholdersSelection of Team MemberShort-Listing of Team MembersBidding ProcedureSelection of Design TeamRequest for ProposalSelection of EPC ContractorSelection of Project Management ConsultantSelection of Construction SupervisorSelection of Specialist ConsultantSelection of Subcontractor/SubconsultantQuality Management During Oil and Gas Project PhasesIntroductionFeasibility Study PhaseProject InitiationIdentification of NeedFeasibility StudyProject Goals and ObjectivesIdentification of Alternatives/OptionsAnalyze AlternativesSelect Preferred AlternativeFinalize Project Delivery and Contracting SystemProject CharterConcept Design PhaseSelect Design Team MembersIdentify Project StakeholdersDevelop Responsibility MatrixEstablish Concept Design Phase RequirementsIdentify Concept Design DeliverablesDevelop Concept DesignPrepare Concept DesignPrepare Preliminary ScheduleEstimate Conceptual CostEstablish Project Quality RequirementsManage Concept Desing QualityEstimate ResourserIdentify Project RisksIdentify HSE RequirementsReview Concept DesignFinalize Concept DesignSubmit Concept Design PackageFEED PhaseIdentify Design Team MembersIdentify Project StakeholdersDevelop Responsibility MatrixEstablish FEED RequirementsIdentify FEED DeliverablesDevelop FEEDInformation CollectionData CollectionTechnical StudiesPrepare FEEDFEED DrawingsFEED ReportsPrepare Project Schedule/PlansEvaluate and Estimate Project CostManage FEED QualityEstimate ResourcesDevelop Communication PlanManage RisksManage HSE RequirementsDevelop FEED DocumentsPerform VEUpdate FEEDReview FEEDFinalize FEEDDevelop Tender DocumentsSubmit FEED PackageBidding and Tendering PhaseOrganize Tender DocumentsIdentify Stakeholders/Project TeamIdentify Tendering ProcedureIdentify BiddersManage Tendering ProcessManage Bidding and Tendering Phase QualityManage RisksReview Bid DocumentsAward ContractConstruction PhaseDevelopment of Project Site FacilitiesNotice to ProceedKick-off MeetingMobilizationIdentify StakeholdersIdentify Owner’s Representative/ Project ManagerIdentify Contractor’s Project Team MembersIdentify PMC TeamIdentify Supervision TeamIdentify Regulatory AuthoritiesIdentify SubcontractorsDevelop Responsibility MatrixEstablish Construction Phase RequirementsIdentify Contract RequirementsDevelop Construction Phase ScopeProject Planning and SchedulingDevelop Contractor’s Construction ScheduleDevelop Project S-CurveDevelop Contractor’s Quality Control PlanDevelop Management PlansDevelop Stakeholder Management PlanDevelop Resource Management PlanDevelop Communication Management PlanDevelop Risk Management PlanDevelop Contract Management PlanDevelop HSE Management PlanExecute Project WorksDevelop Detailed EngineeringDevelop Procurement DocumentsExecute Construction/Installation WorksMonitor and Control Project WorksValidate Executed WorksTesting, Commissioning, And Handover PhaseIdentify Testing and Start-Up RequirementsIdentify StakeholdersDevelop Scope of WorkDevelop Testing, Commissioning, and Handover PlanExecute Testing and Commissioning WorksManage Testing and Commissioning QualityDevelop DocumentsMonitor Work ProgressTrain Owner’s/End User’s PersonnelHandover the ProjectClose ContractSettle PaymentsSettle ClaimsOperation and Maintenance of Oil and Gas ProjectsOperation ManagementMaintenance ManagementCategories of MaintenanceManage Operation and Maintenance QualityOperation and Maintenance ProgramBibliography
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