Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attacks: Classification, Attacks, Challenges, and Countermeasur

Fundamentals of DDoS Attack: Evolution and ChallengesDDoS Attack: FundamentalsStatistics and Recent TrendsDDoS Attack EvolutionBotnet StructureTaxonomy of DDoS AttacksTypes of DDoS AttacksClassification Based on Degree of AutomationClassification Based on Vulnerability ExploitedClassification Based on Attack RateAttack ToolsSummaryREFERENCESRole of Incentives, Liabilities, and Cyber InsuranceEconomic Factors for CybersecurityMisaligned IncentivesAsymmetries in InformationVulnerability TradeCyber InsuranceSummaryREFERENCESTaxonomy of DDoS Defence MechanismsChallenges in DDoS Defensive MechanismsClassification Based on Methodology UsedTaxonomy Based on Deployment PointSummaryREFERENCESTaxonomy of Economical SolutionsСybersecurity economicsPricing StrategiesBest effort service-based pricingBasic pricing schemesPricing schemes for QoS guaranteeChallenges in Pricing SchemesSummaryREFERENCESDDoS Attacks on Various PlatformsDDoS Attack and Cloud ComputingTaxonomy of DDoS Attacks on Cloud ComputingTaxonomy of DDoS Defence Mechanisms on CloudDDoS Attacks in IoTTaxonomy of DDoS Attacks on IoTBotnet-based Attacks in IoTTaxonomy of DDoS Defences in IoTAttack preventionAttack detectionAttack mitigationSummaryREFERENCESEmerging Solutions for DDoS Attack: Based on SDN and Blockchain TechnologiesSDN as the New SolutionAdvantages of SDNDDoS Attacks on SDNOpen Research Issues and ChallengesBlockchain as a Solution to DDoS AttacksAdvantages of Blockchain in Mitigating DDoS AttacksArchitecture of BlockchainFeatures of BlockchainOpen Challenges and Issues in Blockchain TechnologySecurity Issues and ChallengesBlockchain VulnerabilitiesSummaryReferences
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