Cover Crops and Sustainable Agriculture

Cover Crops and Agroecosystem ServicesOverviewSustainable Agriculture and Cover CropsCover Crops TerminologyTypes of Cover CropsFunction and Benefits of Cover CropsAgronomic BenefitsSoil Health BenefitsWater QualityEcological and Environmental BenefitsManagement of Cover CropsTypical Crop Rotation with Cover CropsLimitations of Cover Crop AdaptationSummary and ConclusionReferencesBenefits of Cover Crops on Agronomic Crop YieldIntroductionRole of Cover Crops on EcosystemsCover Crop Biomass Production and Nutrient Recycling for Agronomic CropsCover Crops and Agronomic Crop YieldsReferencesPotential and Challenges of Growing Cover Crops in Organic Production SystemsIntroductionCover Crop Species Selection in Organic SystemsCover Crop Species Selection for Organic Grain SystemsCover Crops Species Selection for Organic Vegetable SystemsCover Crops Species Selection for Crop-Livestock Integrated Organic SystemsCover Crop Termination in Organic SystemsTermination MethodTermination TimeFuture Research NeedsReferencesCover Crops in Vegetable Production and Urban Farming in Sub-Saharan CountriesIntroductionVegetable Production and Urban Farming in GhanaUses and Importance of Cover Crops in Vegetable Production and Urban FarmingCharacteristics and Examples of Commonly Used Cover Crops in Vegetable ProductionTypes of Cover Crops Used in Vegetable Production in GhanaGrowth and Management of Cover Crops in Vegetable Production and Urban FarmingProspects and Challenges of Using Cover Crops in Vegetable ProductionCover Crop Challenges Associated with Urban Vegetable ProductionReferencesAlgorithms to Optimise Cropping Diversity with Cover CropsIntroductionProblem Definitions for the Conditions of UkraineMethods and Algorithms to Select for Optimal Crop RotationSelection of Crop Rotation According to Economic and Ecologic FactorsApplication of Algorithms to Assess Crop Rotation Used in UkraineConclusionReferencesSustainable Suppression of Weeds through Ecological Use of Cover CropsIntroductionMechanisms by which Cover Crops can Suppress WeedsAllelopathyInterference with Weed Germination and EmergenceWeed-suppressive Cover Crop Interactions with the Soil Microbial CommunityCover Crop Competition with WeedsAgroecological Considerations for Weed Control with Cover CropsConclusionReferencesCover Crops for Pests and Soil-borne Disease Control and Insect DiversityIntroductionMethods of Biocontrol by Cover CropsTrap Cropping ApproachPlacement and Extent of Trap CroppingBiochemical ApproachDisease ControlControl of NematodesInsects Diversity and ProblemsEfficacy and Limitations of Cover CropsReferencesCover Crops for Forages and Livestock GrazingIntroductionCover Crops as Forage and GrazingWarm-season PerennialsWarm-season AnnualsCool-season Perennials and AnnualsSmall Grains and OthersWarm-season Annual Forage CropsWarm-Season Perennial Forage CropsGrazing Management Under Forage CropsLivestock and Cover Crop PerformanceNovel Grain-Forage-Livestock SystemsModels of Crop Livestock SystemsHolistic Crop Livestock ModelsAdding Value to Beef and Dairy ProductsConservation Impact of the ForagePotential BarriersConclusionReferencesCover Crops' Effect on Soil Quality and Soil HealthIntroductionCover Crops and Soil Biological QualitySoil Microbial Activity, Biodiversity and EfficiencySoil Enzyme Activities and DecontaminationCover Crops and Soil Chemical QualitySoil Organic Matter (Carbon) DynamicsCrop Crops and Soil Physical QualitySoil Compaction (Bulk Density), Porosity and ErosionSoil Aggregate Stability and Water InfiltrationCover Crops and Soil Quality IndexConclusionReferencesCover Crops for Orchard Soil ManagementIntroductionCover Crops in OrchardAdvantages of Cover Crops in OrchardsSuitable Cover Crops for OrchardsCover Crops and Orchard Floor ManagementMethods of Sod Culture in OrchardsLand Use Change and Role of Cover Crops in OrchardsReferencesCover Crop Mixes for Diversity, Carbon and Conservation AgricultureIntroductionCover Crop Terminology DilemmaSoil Carbon BenefitsBenefits of Cover CropsEnergy Capture EfficiencyManage Biological DiversityCarbon Content and CyclingNutrient Content, Capture, and CyclingConservation Agriculture Systems (CAS) for Healthy SoilsSummary and ConclusionReferencesCover Crops and Soil Nitrogen CyclingIntroductionCover Crop Impacts on Soil Nitrogen DynamicsN Cycle Processes in Soils under Cover CropBiological N FixationMineralisationAmmonificationNitrificationImmobilisationDenitrificationNitrogen LeachingAmmonia VolatilisationAnammoxConclusionReferencesEffect of Cover Crops on Soil BiologyIntroductionSoil Biology: Major Players and Their RolesCover Crop Effects on Soil BiologyMicrofloraMicrofaunaMesofaunaMacrofaunaCover Crop Effects on Soil Food Web: Using Nematodes as Bio-indicators of Soil HealthConclusion and Future ConsiderationsReferencesCover Cropping Improves Soil Quality and Physical PropertiesIntroductionCover Crops and Soil Compaction (Bulk Density)Cover Crops and Soil Porosity CharacteristicsCover Crops and Soil Aggregate StabilityCover Crops and Soil Moisture DynamicsCover Crops and Soil ErosionReferencesCover Crops Effects on Soil Erosion and Water QualityIntroductionEffectiveness of Cover Crop in Protecting Ecosystem ResourcesCover Crops and Soil ErosionSoil LossSoil NutrientsSoil MoistureSoil TemperatureCover Crops and Water QualityReduction in Sediment Loads and Water QualityScavenging of Nutrients and PesticidesPrevention of Harmful Algal BloomsReferencesEffects of Cover Crops on Greenhouse Gas EmissionsIntroductionSources of Greenhouse Gases (GHGs)Carbon DioxideNitrous OxidesMethaneFluorinated GasesEffect of Cover Crops on CО2 EmissionsEffect of Cover Crops on N2О EmissionEffect of Cover Crops on CH4 EmissionConclusionReferencesCover Crops Influence Soil Microbial and Biochemical PropertiesIntroductionCover Crops’ Effect on Soil Microbial Activity and DiversityCover Crops’ Effect on Soil Biological and Physico-chemical InteractionsCover Crops and Habitat ProvisionEffects of Cover Crops on Enzyme ActivitiesCover Crops and Biological Carbon CyclingCover Crops and Mycorrhizal AssociationsConclusionReferencesEconomics of Cover CropsIntroductionCover Cropping and BenefitsCover Crop Benefits on Potato Yield, Soil Quality and Farm EconomicsCover Crops (Wheat-Barley-Canola) Benefits on Alfalfa (Lucerne) ForageCover Crop Impacts on Cotton Production EconomicsCover Crops’ Effect on Potato Production and Farm EconomicsSARE/CTIC Studies on Economics of Cover Crops on Corn-Soybean SystemsRulon Farm Enterprises LLC Evaluation on Cover Crop Economic BenefitsCover Crop Economics ToolConclusionReferences
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