Nanocomposites for Environmental Pollution Control: A Far-Reaching Review


The domain of environmental protection and environmental engineering science are moving toward one visionaiy challenge to another. Environmental remediation is today undergoing drastic and dramatic challenges. Global warming, global climate change, water scarcity, and frequent environmental disasters are urging the scientific community to move toward more innovation and vast scientific intuition. Mankind’s immense scientific adjudication, man’s vast scientific grit and determination, and the world of scientific and technological validation will all lead a visionary way in the true realization of environmental engineering science. In the similar vein, composite science and material science are the needs of human scientific progress today. Nanotechnology is today merged with almost every branch of science and engineering today. This direction of scientific research is depicted profoundly by the author. Fiber reinforced composites and nanocomposites are the marvels of composite science today. In this chapter, the author also rigorously delineates the success and vision of science in the field of green nanocomposites and fiber reinforced composites. The world of material science is slowly moving toward a new scientific genre and new scientific revelation. Scientific stance, vast scientific imagination, and the vision of engineering science will all be the forerunners toward a newer age in the field of composite science and material science. This well-researched treatise profoundly delineates the recent scientific advancements in the field of nanocomposites, green nanotechnology, composite science, and material science.


The vast world of chemical engineering science and composite science are today in the midst of scientific introspection and regeneration. In the similar vein, material science and green nanotechnology are in the course of scientific vision and deep scientific understanding and discernment. Green nanotechnology, advanced materials, and green chemistry are the marvels of science and engineering today. Stringent environmental regulations and the ever-growing concerns for global climate change are urging the scientific community to gear forward toward newer vision and new scientific and engineering imiovations. In this chapter, the author deeply delineates the success and the vision of nanotechnology, composite science, and the vast world of nanocomposites. The other direction of this well-researched treatise is the mitigation of global environmental pollution. Mankind’s immense scientific prowess and scientific sapience, the world of technological validation, and the scientific imagination behind environmental remediation will lead a long and effective way in unraveling the scientific truth of environmental engineering science. In the global scientific scenario, global warming, climate change, and frequent environmental disasters are destroying the vast scientific fabric of vision, might, and determination. This chapter will surely open up newer vistas of scientific regeneration and scientific prowess in the field of nanocomposite applications in environmental protection. Environmental sustainability is the other side of the visionary coin. Sustainable development whether it is social, economic, energy, or environmental are the utmost need of global scientific progress today. This chapter opens up a new era in the field of nanotechnology, composite science, and environmental protection. Human race will thus usher in a new beginning in the field of science and engineering as nanotechnology and environmental protection enters a new age of deep scientific vision and scientific might and forbearance.


Humanity today stands firm in the midst of vast scientific and engineering advancements. Space exploration, the advancements in nuclear science, and engineering and the success of science of sustainability will all lead a long and effective way in the true unraveling of engineering science and technology globally today. The main aim and objective of this study is to unfold and uncover the scientific vision in the applications of nanotechnology and composite science in the furtherance of science and the advancement of human society. The author pointedly focuses on the recent scientific research pursuit in the field of nanotechnology and composite science with a deep scientific understanding of environmental remediation. The other areas of scientific endeavor are the advancements in the science of environmental and energy sustainability. Systems engineering and reliability engineering are the pillars of research pursuit in global scenario today. This chapter thus opens up newer thoughts and newer scientific sapience and pragmatism in the field of systems science and environmental remediation. The main thrust area of this chapter is to unfold the scientific intricacies of the applications of nanocomposites in environmental protection. Science, technology, and engineering are today in the path of newer regeneration. Globally climate change and frequent environmental disasters are urging the scientific community to gear forwards toward new innovations and new directions.

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