The status of groundwater and drinking water remediation globally stands in the midst of scientific ingenuity and vast scientific sagacity. The futuristic vision of chemical process engineering and environmental engineering are today challenging the vast scientific firmament. In the similar vision, nanotechnology, composite science, and material science are the needs of human civilization and in the path of newer scientific rejuvenation. The global water crisis is unimaginable and in the same vision groundbreaking. The imminent need of science and technology globally is environmental protection and further scientific emancipation in the field of environmental engineering. In India and Bangladesh, arsenic and heavy metal groundwater contamination are devastating the scientific firmament. The situation is beyond control and immediate global attention is needed. In such a crucial juxtaposition, novel separation processes, advanced oxidation processes, conventional and nonconventional environmental engineering techniques assumes immense importance. Nanotechnology, material science, and composite science are the other scientific avenues of research endeavor.


Groundwater remediation and the application area of nanocomposites are today the imminent needs of human civilization today. Nanomaterials applications in environmental protection are in the similar vein scientific vision of modem science. Man’s immense scientific discernment, mankind’s vast scientific acuity, and the futuristic vision of engineering and science will all lead an effective way in the true emancipation of nanotechnology and environmental engineering. Nanocomposites and nanomaterials applications should be re-envisioned and revamped with the passage of scientific history and time. Today, composite science and nanotechnology are the opposite sides of the visionaiy coin. The contribution of nanotechnology in environmental engineering is the imminent need of the hour. The success and vision of science, technology, and engineering of environmental protection will surely open doors of innovation to other areas of research pursuit in material science, nano-engineering, polymer science, and applied sciences.


The sagacity of science and the ingenuity of engineering science are today changing the vast scientific frontiers. Nanotechnology and its scientific vision are in the midst of forbearance and vast astuteness. Global water scarcity and global climate change are the immediate concerns of human scientific progress today. There is a huge scientific hiatus in the domains of nanomaterials, engineered nanomaterials, nanocomposites, and environmental protection. Here comes the need of a comprehensive treatise in the field of nanocomposites and environmental protection. This treatise will surely open new avenues in research sagacity and research sapience in the field of environmental protection and environmental engineering science.


Environmental sustainability and environmental protection are today in the midst of immense scientific overhauling and deep scientific provenance. Science, technology, and engineering have today few answers to the growing environmental engineering research questions globally. The areas of sustainability are today globally neglected. The challenges of human civilization need to be re-envisioned and revamped with the passage of scientific history and time. The target of research pursuit in nanotechnology should be more scientific emancipation in the field of nanomaterials and engineered nanomaterials applications. The success of human civilization and the success of human scientific progress depends today the vast world of nanotechnology, material science and environmental remediation. The vision of Dr Gro Harlem Brundtland, former Prime Minister of Norway on the science of “sustainability” needs to be redefined and re-envisioned with the course of scientific history and vast scientific ingenuity. Environmental sustainability is the utmost need of the hour as civilization trudges forward toward a new century. Today, environmental sustainability and the vast world of water purification are the two opposite sides of the visionary coin. Provision of basic human needs such as water, electricity, food, shelter, and education are highly neglected in many developed and developing nations around the world. In the similar vein, energy and environmental sustainability are yet to be envisioned in many governments around the world. In this chapter, the author reiterates the success and the need of technology and engineering science in tackling global environmental and energy sustainability. The author rigorously points toward the integration of environmental protection with nanotechnology. Nanotechnology is the absolute need of human civilization and human scientific progress today. Man’s immense scientific prowess and sapience, mankind’s vast scientific ingenuity and the needs of environmental sustainability will open newer thoughts and newer vistas in research and development globally. Water purification, drinking water treatment, and industrial wastewater treatment are the challenges and the vision of science and engineering today. This well-researched treatise will surely target the domains of energy and environmental sustainability as a further realization of science and engineering globally today.

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