Nanomechanics, Recent Advancements in Nanotechnology, and the Visionary Future


Science, technology, and engineering are in the avenues of immense scientific hardship and scientific introspection. The status of the science of nanotechnology is today groundbreaking and immensely inspiring. Nanomechanics are the marvel of science and engineering today. Investigation of nanomaterials (NMs) and engineered NMs has urged scientists and engineers to delve deep into the world of nanomechanics. This is a new generation science integrating mechanical engineering and nanotechnology. The author in this paper deeply unraveled the scientific truth and the scientific regeneration of both nanotechnology and nanomechanics. This treatise broadly investigates the recent developments in the field of nanotechnology and nanomechanics. The vast scientific vision, the scientific subtleties, and the futuristic vision of mechanical engineering will bring a new era in the field of nanomechanics. Nanomechanics are a domain which integrates diverse areas of science and engineering. Applied physics and electronics engineering are other areas of scientific endeavor in nanomechanics today. Mankind's immense scientific prowess and determination, the world of scientific validation and the need for nanotechnology in human society will all be the torchbearers towards a new era in science and technology. Today in the global scientific scenario, there should be scientific and technological validation of every areas of scientific endeavor. In the field of nanomechanics, a similar vision is needed since it is a new branch of research pursuit. The diverse areas of nanotechnology are dealt with immense adroitness in this chapter.


The domain of science of nanotechnology is undergoing drastic changes. Similarly, environmental engineering and chemical process engineering are in the path of newer scientific divination. Nanomechanics are a branch of nanotechnology whose research directions are inspiring and thought- provoking as mankind treads forward. Global climate change, depletion of fossil fuel resources and frequent environmental disasters has deeply urged the world of science and technology to move towards newer paths of scientific endeavor and innovations. In this chapter, the author with immense scientific ingenuity deals with also recent scientific developments in nanotechnology and nanomechanics. The needs of human civilization are the applications of renewable energy technology. Here also there are lots of applications of nanotechnology. Rapid industrialization and vast scientific progress has devastated the global environmental scenario. Lack of pure drinking water is a monstrous issue in many highly developed and developing countries around the world. Heavy metal and arsenic ground- water contamination is a global calamity and disaster of immense scientific concern. The world also stands beleaguered at the monstrous issue of depletion of fossil fuel resources. Here comes the veritable concerns and importance of scientific innovations and discoveries. Energy engineering and energy sustainability are the needs of humanity today. The world stands deeply strangled with ever-growing concerns of non-renewable energy. The success of this treatise lies at the hands of scientists and engineers globally. The vision of nanotechnology will surely open new thoughts and newer scientific advancements in diverse areas of science and engineering globally. This treatise is an eye-opener towards newer developments in nanotechnology and nanomechanics.


Scientific advancements in the field of nanomechanics are latent yet groundbreaking. Nanotechnology is a marvel of science and engineering today [11-14]. The vision of this chapter is to unravel the scientific ingenuity and the scientific truth behind application of nanomechanics in the pursuit of science and engineering. The areas investigated in this chapter are nanomaterials (NMs) and engineered NMs. Technology and engineering of NMs and engineered NMs are moving veiy fast overcoming one scientific boundary over other. The aim and objective of this study is to delineate and elucidate the basics and fundamentals of NMs and engineered NMs and the vast domain of nanomechanics. Human civilization and scientific advancements today are in the path of immense retrogression and deep reformation as environmental engineering and environmental protection stands firm in the midst of scientific contemplation. The targets of this study are:

  • • A scientific understanding on the field of nanomechanics.
  • • A deep investigation into the field of application of nanotechnology in environmental protection.
  • • Technological advancements and scientific verve in the field of NMs and engineered NMs.
  • • Scientific validation in the recent advancements of nanotechnology and nano-engineering.
  • • A vast scientific stride in the field of environmental engineering, chemical engineering and diverse areas of engineering and science [11-14].

Humanity, science, and engineering are moving and treading in the path of new reformation and a new beginning in this century. The world of mechanical engineering and mechanics are today replete with immense scientific and academic rigor. The challenges and the deep vision are related in this paper. A deep scientific and engineering investigation in the field of nanomechanics stands as a cornerstone of this well researched treatise. Today the domain of environmental engineering is highly challenged and immediate action is needed in the mitigation of climate change and environmental calamities. Thus the need of a comprehensive paper [11-14].

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