Technological divination, the vast scientific ardor, and the utmost needs of the human civilization are veritably opening up new doors of scientific intuition in the field of nanotechnology today. Human challenges in the field of water science and water purification are enormous, vast, and varied. The needs of human civilization are the domains of energy and environmental sustainability. The needs of renewable energy and reliability engineering are of immense importance as science and engineering moves forward. Sustainable development whether it is social, economic, energy or environmental is the needs of human civilization today. Human factor engineering, integrated water resource management and wastewater management are equally of immense importance today. The status and scientific stance of human civilization are immensely grave and mind- boggling to scientists and engineers around the globe. Successive human generations around the world needs to be aroused at the ever-growing concerns of climate change and loss of ecological biodiversity. Thus, novel technologies such as nanotechnology need to be refrained and re-organized with the surge of human civilization. This chapter opens up new thoughts and newer scientific imagination in the field of nanotechnology and its applications. Today is highly technology-driven society. The perspectives of science and engineering needs to be re-envisioned as regards application of nanotechnology in human society. The challenges and the vision of energy and environmental sustainability need to go a long way in the true emancipation of science and engineering globally today. Technology management and reliability engineering are the utmost necessities of human scientific endeavor today [15-20].


Modem science and nanotechnology are today the necessities of science and engineering globally today. Nanotechnology has applications today in all most eveiy branch of science and technology. The vision for the future needs to be re-envisioned and re-organized as nanotechnology moves forward. Today is the scientific world of technology management, project management, and reliability engineering. Water science and technology and water purification are veritably linked with nanotechnology today. NMs and engineered NMs are used as adsorbents in water purification. The vision and the challenges of science are enormous as regards the applications of nanotechnology in water and wastewater treatment. CNTs are presently doing scientific wonders as regards its applications in diverse areas of science and engineering. Nanotechnology is also linked with integrated water resource management and industrial ecology in industrialized and developed nations around the world. Modem science and the sagacity of science and technology needs to be re-envisioned and re-organized as regards application of nanotechnology and nanomechanics in vast and varied areas of science and technology. The world of science and technology today stands immensely mesmerized with the growing concerns of heavy metal and arsenic groundwater and drinking water contamination. Here comes the importance of nanotechnology, nanoengineering, reliability engineering, technology management, and the vast world of project management. Integrated water resource management is today creating wonders in developing and poor nations around the world. Thus the need of watershed management or integrated water resource management and waste management [21-27].


Nanotechnology and nanomechanics are the needs of science and engineering today. Mechanical engineering frontiers are in the path of a newer beginning. Scientific vision in the field of both mechanical engineering and nanotechnology are today surpassing vast and versatile frontiers. The needs of human advancement are environmental engineering, chemical process engineering, and the vast domain of renewable energy and energy engineering [25-27]. Environmental remediation and nanotechnology advances should go parallel in scientific research directions. The scientific potential for nanomechanics is immense and far-reaching today. Scientific forbearance, scientific ardor, and deep scientific divination are the veritable pallbearers towards a new scientific generation in nanotechnology and other diverse areas of engineering such as chemical process engineering and environmental engineering. Technology redeeming is veritably the need of human mankind today. These are the areas which need to be targeted as man moves forward. Energy and environmental sustainability are the marvels of scientific research pursuit today. Today the scientific world stands mesmerized with the advancements in space technology [25-27]. Nanotechnology, NMs, and nanomechanics does not stand behind. There are absolutely exemplary achievements in nanotechnology and nano-engineering today. The author tried to elucidate with might and vision the success of nanomechanics in human scientific advancements. The intricacies of application of NMs and engineered NMs are the focal points of this paper.

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