Mild Traumatic Brain Injury: A Science and Engineering Perspective

Clinical Sequelae and Functional OutcomesDefinitions of mTBISeverity Classicat fi ion of TBI and Screening ToolsGlasgow Coma ScaleRancho Los Amigos ScaleWestmead Post-Traumatic Amnesia (PTA) ScaleInternational Mission for Prognosis and Clinical Trial (IMPACT) Prognosis ModelLIMBIC-CENC ConsortiumBoston Assessment of Traumatic Brain Injury-Lifetime (BAT-L)mTBI PathophysiologyDiagnosis and Decision-MakingEtiology of mTBIBiomechanics of Brain InjuryHistological EvidenceFinite-Element TechniquesVA/DoD Injury Mechanism DescriptionsAnimal ModelsReferencesSensing and Assessment of Brain InjuryFluid-Based BiomarkersChallenges in Biomarker DevelopmentSensors for mTBIAssessing Function with ImagingElectrophysiological Assessment of Brain FunctionU.S. Food and Drug Administration Regulation of Neurological DevicesReferencesInstrumentation for Assessing mTBI EventsParametric Analysis of VideoAnalysis of Digital ImageryReal-Time Data Processing and IntegrationVerification of Finite-Element SimulationsX-Ray ImagingFlash X-RayTypical System RequirementsScintillators for Flash X-RaySystem ConfigurationsTerahertz ImagingQuantitative Analysis of a Ballistic EventExperimental ValidationDeformation CalibrationMass CalibrationComputation of ParametersData Management and IntegrationComparative Effectiveness Research (CER)ReferencesmTBI in the Military and Contact SportsMilitary TBITBI and American FootballIncreased Awareness of Football-Induced mTBIAnabolic Steroid Use by AthletesYouth FootballReturn to Play GuidelinesConcussion CoachLatest Guidelines from the NCAALatest NFL ProtocolHelmet SafetyHead Injury Prevention TipsNFL Gameday Operations to Identify Potential Brain InjuriesNational Research Action PlanDARPA PREVENT ProgramReferencesTherapeutic Strategies and Future ResearchTBI TherapySenate Committee on Armed Services Personnel Subcommittee Hearing on the State of mTBI Care and ResearchClinical Trials for Neuroprotective AgentsRehabilitationRecovery PrognosisGenetic Determinants of OutcomeMEMS, MOEMS, Nano- and Bio-NanotechnologiesMEMS and NanotechnologyBiotechnologyAccelerometersAdvantages of MEMS and Nano Manufacturing for mTBI InstrumentationNanotechnology ApplicationsBionanotechnologyBiology Labs on a ChipApplications in Biochemical Analysis, Bioimaging, Computing, and Signal ProcessingBiochemical AnalysisBioimaging ApplicationsBiologically Inspired Computing and Signal ProcessingReferencesUS Patent 9080984 Blast, Ballistic, and Blunt Trauma SensorSignificance of the NMDA Cell Surface ReceptorNeuroproteomics, Protein Folding, Transcription Factors, and Epigenetics for TBI ResearchRhodopsin and Signal Transduction
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