e-Learning in Medical Physics and Engineering: Building Educational Modules with Moodle

e-Learning in Medical Physics and Engineering: An OverviewDefinition and TypesThe Case For e-LearningEnhanced Quality of LearningIncreased Number of StudentsPIONEERS OF e-LEARNINC IN MEDICAL PHYSICSOther Leading e-Learning Projects in Medical Physics, Engineering, and Related DisciplinesTraining WebsitesManaging Content (In-House, Proprietary, Open Source)BibliographyMoodle as a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) SystemMajor VLE Systems in Higher Education: Typical FeaturesPrerequisites For Introducing A VLE SystemGeneral Terms in Use in the Guide to Building of a Moodle CourseThe Moodle VLE: Teacher PreparationCopyright and the VLE PlatformBibliographyBuilding an MSc Programme in Medical Physics on Moodle: The Teacher Functions in FocusAccess to the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)Main Participants on the VLECourse Front Page as Presented to the TeacherThe Editing Function: A Main Teacher FunctionCreating Content: Another Main Teacher FunctionIntroducing Lecture Material as Files/ Folders and Other ResourcesCreating Coursework AssessmentOther Forms of AssessmentForums and ChatsRole Changing and Feedback from StudentsBibliographyRole-Specific Functions on MoodleThe Role of The Manager: Creating A Course Step by StepThe Role of the StudentLogging, Visibility, Profile SettingSubmitting a CourseworkParticipation in Quizzes and Various Types of CommunicationTeacher Functions: Coursework AssessmentMoodle as a Source of Specific Participant Information (Grades; Activity): The Manager/Teacher ViewAspects of Moodle Applicatione-Learning in Medical Physics in Lower- and Middle-Income (LMI) Countries: Results From a SurveyThe Moodle Cloud: Starting From ScratchChoosing a Host ServerAcquiring the Space for the Programme, Log-in, and Initial CustomisationChoosing the Theme of AppearanceStructuring the SiteEnrolling UsersSelecting a LanguageTitle Role ManagementOther Tips for Quick StartDiscussionOption 1: Installation on Your Own Server (Self-Hosted )Option 2: Using Moodle’s Server (Moodlecloud )Some Cost and Other Considerations on Several Proprietary (PAID) VLE PlatformsBlackboard LearnOther Proprietary VLE PlatformsTHE CONCEPT OF OPEN SOURCE AND SECURITYBibliography
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