Optimizing Project Management

SETTING THE STAGE Project Management - What and Why?Importance of Project ManagementOverviewProject Management and Its EnvironmentWhat Is Project Management?Dimensions of Project ManagementRecognizing a Successful ProjectThe Role of Project ManagerAbout the Project Management InstituteDuty of CareCase 1: Flint Michigan Water CrisisCase 2: Boeing 737 Max SeriesWhy Project Management Is an Exciting FieldProject Management in MotionOrganizing Project Management Knowledge - Principles, Knowledge Domains, Life Cycles, and Agile versus Traditional ApproachesProject Management PrinciplesCore Project Management Knowledge DomainsAdditional Knowledge DomainsProject Life CyclePredictive Approach versus Adaptive ApproachDerivative MethodologiesProject Management ProcessOptimizing Project through "Right-Size" Project ManagementFour Guidelines for Right-Size Project ManagementProject Management in MotionPROJECTS IN MOTION - FROM IDEAS TO RESULTSIdeation - Aligning Projects with StrategyStrategic Business Execution and Environmental ContextEntrance and Exit Criteria for IdeationProject SelectionMaking Sound Project DecisionsDeveloping a Culture of ExecutionBusiness CaseProject Management in MotionInitiation - Starting the Project RightThe Challenges of Getting StartedWhat Is the Fuzzy Front End?Anatomy of the Fuzzy Front EndGood Practices for Managing the Fuzzy Front EndSeven Steps to Managing the Fuzzy Front EndThe Project CharterProject Charter Key ElementsProject Management in MotionPreparation - Planning to Achieve Optimal ImplementationAbout Preparation PhaseProject ComplexityExamples of Project Complexity - Problems and Potential SolutionsIdentifying and Confronting Project ComplexityProject Management in MotionImplementing Projects - Getting It DoneThe Art of ExecutionMonitoring ProjectsManaging Special Situations in ProjectsControlling ProjectsProject Challenges during ImplementationThink Like a Project ManagerAchieve Sound DecisionsProject Management in MotionProject Transition and/or Closure - Celebrating SuccessTransitioning and/or Closing Projects or PhasesSpecific Transitions and/or ClosuresProject Management in MotionKNOWLEDGE DOMAINProject Integration Management - The Most Important Knowledge DomainImportance of Project IntegrationProject Integration Artifacts in Project Preparation PhaseManaging Project Work during Project ImplementationHow to Control Performance and Manage ChangeIntegrated Transitioning and/or Closing ProjectsProject Management in MotionStakeholder Management - Knowing the PeopleImportance of Engaging Project StakeholdersIdentifying StakeholdersPlanning Stakeholder EngagementEngaging StakeholderTransitioning and/or Closing Stakeholder EngagementProject Management in MotionScope Management - Defining Scope and Determining RequirementsWhat Is Scope Management?Conceiving Initial ScopePlanning and Defining ScopeGathering RequirementsDefining and Refining ScopeCreating the Work Breakdown StructureWork Breakdown Structure ComponentsCreate Work Breakdown Structure ProcessValidating Project ScopeAchieving and Control ScopeTransitioning and/or Closing ScopeProject Management in MotionSchedule Management - Understanding "When"Importance of Schedule ManagementConceiving Initial SchedulePlanning Schedule ManagementPlanning, Estimating, Sequencing, and Validating ScheduleDefining Project ActivitiesSequencing Project ActivitiesDetermining DependenciesEstimating Project Activity DurationDeveloping and Validating the Integrated Project ScheduleControlling ScheduleTransitioning and/or Closing ScheduleProject Management in MotionResource Management - Defining the Resources Required to Tackle ProjectsWhat Is Resource Management?Identifying Project Resource NeedsUnderstanding Project ResourcesPlanning and Estimating Project ResourcesObtaining and Working with ResourcesDeveloping Project TeamsLeading Teams and Controlling ResourcesControlling ResourcesTransitioning and/or Closing Key ResourcesProject Management in MotionCost Management - How to Develop and Manage BudgetsEffectively Plan Project CostProposing Initial Project CostsPlanning and Estimating Project Costs and BudgetPlanning Cost ManagementEstimating Project CostDetermining Budget and Controlling CostManaging and Controlling Project CostsEarned Value Management SystemTransitioning and/or Closing Project CostsProject Management in MotionCommunication Management - Ensuring the Full HandshakeImportance of Project CommunicationDeveloping Communication and Information Management PlansCreating the Communications Management PlanDeveloping Information Management PlanManaging and Monitoring Communication and Information ExchangesCross Cultural Challenges in Communications and Information Management of Global ProjectsMonitoring Communication and Controlling Information FlowsTransitioning and/or Closing Communication and Information ManagementProject Management in MotionRisk Management - Minimizing SurprisesImportance of Risk Management?Identifying Top-Level RisksPlanning Risk ManagementRisk Management PlanIdentifying RisksAnalyzing RiskPlanning Risk Responses and ContingenciesMonitoring Risk and Implementing Risk ResponseTransitioning and/or Closing RiskProject Management in MotionQuality Management - Designing It RightProject Quality ManagementDetermining QualityPlanning Quality ManagementManaging and Controlling QualityControlling QualityValidating Quality to Transitioning and/or Closing ProjectProject Management in MotionProject Supply Chain Management - Extending beyond the Internal ResourcesWhat Is Supply Chain Management?Initiation Evaluation of External Resource NeedsPlanning Project ProcurementManaging Project Supply ChainContractingManaging VendorsTransitioning and/or Closing ProcurementProject Management in MotionLeveraging Conflicts - How to Find the Optimal Balance of ConflictsIntroduction to Project Conflict ManagementInitial Evaluation of Project ConflictsPlanning to Tackle Project ConflictsManaging Project ConflictsEvaluating Results of Conflict ResolutionProject Management in MotionGovernance Management - Establishing Decision FrameworkPrinciple of Project GovernanceInitial Development of Project Governance GuidelinesPlanning and Building Governance Structure and ProcessesOperating GovernanceAuthorizing Project Transition and/or ClosureProject Management in MotionBEYOND PROJECT MANAGEMENTWorking with People - Building, Mobilizing, Managing, and Leading Project TeamsImportance of Project LeadershipBuilding Strong Project TeamsDeveloping High-Performance Project TeamUnderstanding Project ExecutivesProject Management in MotionProgram, Portfolio, Service Management, and Strategic Business ExecutionWhat Happens on the Day After?What Is Service Management?ITIL 3.0ITIL 4.0Beyond Project ClosureBusiness Execution in Rear ViewProject Management in MotionAppendix A: Selective Project Management TemplatesAppendix В: Case Study - Whole World Enterprise (WWE)Appendix C: Glossary of Key Terms
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