Leaders Open Doors

ForewordPrefaceHow Leaders Serve Up OpportunitiesWe Complexify LeadershipI Resign From the Legion of Leadership ComplexifiersWe Can Simplify LeadershipHow This Book Opens Doors for YouA Word Before You StartI Before the DoorIntroducing Open-Door Leadership“Open Door” Is Not a Policy!I Knew an Open-Door LeaderOpen-Door Actions and ReflectionsOpportunity FocusAre You a Spiller or a Filler?Open-Door Leader ExamplesWhy Leading Through Fear Is Cheap LeadershipOpportunity AttractsOpportunity pulls.Opportunity points in the right direction.Opportunity activates imagination.Opportunity inspires courage.Opportunity begets opportunity.Of Big “O”s and Little “o”sOpen-Door Leaders Are Opportunity CreatorsOpen-Door Actions and ReflectionsPurposeful DiscomfortDeliver Discomfort in DosesCreate Safe DiscomfortRole Model: Seek Discomfort YourselfOpen-Door Actions and ReflectionsII Doors of OpportunityThe Proving-Ground DoorWho Deserves an Opportunity?Small Proving Before Big ProvingThe Four Hallmarks of Open-Door Leadership RevisitedGive Me a Break!Open-Door Actions and ReflectionsThe Thought-Shifting DoorUse a Barbeque in the Park, Not a Conference Room!Host a Dinner Party at Pearl Harbor?Symbols: You Weave the MeaningFor a Better Result, Shift the LanguageOpening HeadsOpen-Door Actions and ReflectionsThe Door to a Second ChanceHow Would You Handle a Hacker?An Open-Door Leader Strikes a DealStrategic ForgivenessWhen a Second Chance Is Worth the RiskAre You a “No-Chance” Leader?Open-Door Actions and ReflectionsOpening Doors for OthersThem's Not Like UsOpen-Door Leaders Create Opportunities for WomenFrom One Man to an OtherEven Others Have OthersOpen-Door Actions and ReflectionsThe Door to Personal TransformationRole Modeling Personal TransformationInspiring Your Own Personal TransformationHolding the Door OpenWays to Increase AccountabilityCould You Be a Velvet Hammer?How a Follower Made Me a LeaderOpen-Door Leaders Move Us Toward Our Better SelvesOpen-Door Actions and ReflectionsThe Door to Your Open HeartHow You Treat People Determines the Results You GetCaring Begets CaringHead Smooshing to Show You CareShowing That You CareTough Like an M&MOpening YourselfOpen-Door Actions and ReflectionsA Final ActionGratitude Inspires AttitudeLeaders Open Doors, Opens DoorsLeaders Who've Opened Doors for LeadersJim Kouzes's Open-Door LeaderKen Blanchard's Open-Door LeaderJohn H. “Jack” Zenger's Open-Door LeaderBeverly Kaye's Open-Door LeaderKevin Eikenberry's Open-Door LeaderElaine Biech's Open-Door LeaderMark Sanborn's Open-Door LeaderChip Bell's Open-Door LeaderVerne Harnish's Open-Door LeaderBJ Gallagher's Open-Door LeaderAcknowledgmentsAbout the AuthorAbout Giant Leap Consulting
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