Securing IoT and Big Data:Next Generation Intelligence

Foundation of Big Data and Internet of Things: Applications and Case StudyIntroduction to Big Data and Internet of ThingsBig Data Management Systems in HealthcareChallenges in HealthcareSequencing Genomic DataDeep Learning Applied to Genomic DataGenomic Data and Modern HealthcareBackground and Rise of Internet of ThingsIoT in Real-Time Healthcare ApplicationsSummaryReferencesSecuring IoT with Blockchain: Challenges, Applications, and TechniquesIntroductionSecurity Issues of IoTIntroduction to BlockchainBlockchain and IoT Integration: An OverviewApplications of IntegrationExisting Research on Blockchain-Based IoT SecurityLightweight IoT Nodes as Thin ClientsIoT Gateways as Blockchain NodesloT Nodes Integrated with Blockchain ClientsIoT Nodes as Regular SensorsConclusion and Future WorkReferencesIoT and Big Data Using IntelligenceIoT in a NutshellThe Buzzword: Big Data in a NutshellIoT vs Big DataData Generation – Machine vs HumanMachine-Generated DataHuman-Generated DataData Stream, Management, and Progression Using IoT and Big Data ApproachData Streaming in IoTIoT and Big Data Working Together Using IntelligenceWorking ChallengesConclusionReferencesCompulsion for Cyber Intelligence for Rail Analytics in loRNTIntroductionComputer-Based IntelligenceCyber Threat IntelligenceBig Data and AnalyticsAnalytics Types: Descriptive, Prescriptive, and PredictiveUnderstanding Predictive and Concise AnalysisAnalytical MethodsDescriptive AnalyticsPredictive AnalyticsPrescriptive AnalyticsRailway NetworksIndustry Pan Rail DirectionsRail AnalyticsInternet of Rail Network ThingsFrom Application Enabling Interface to IoTInvesting in IntelligenceBig Data in Rail Intelligence Based on Cyber ThreatAn Effective Cyber Security Strategy for the Rail SectorDedicated SkillsCyber Security Risk Management Strategic and Tactical CapabilitiesCyber-Attacks Affecting RailwaysRailway Cyber Security: Railway Operations and Assets SecurityCyber Security Railway Future VulnerabilitiesCyber Security in the Fight Against RailwaysConclusionReferencesBig Data and IoT ForensicsBackground and IntroductionTypes of IoT ForensicsCloud ForensicsNetwork ForensicsDevice-Level ForensicsSources and Nature of DataBig DataIoT Forensics DataRole of Big Data in IoT ForensicsBig Data TechnologiesBig Data AnalyticsIoT Forensics Investigation FrameworkSteps for IoT Forensics InvestigationForensic SoundnessChallenges in IoT ForensicsCase Studies Using IoT ForensicsSolution Methodology ProposedOpportunities and Future TechnologiesConclusionReferencesIntegration of IoT and Big Data in the Field of Entertainment for Recommendation SystemIntroductionBackgroundAnalysis and AlgorithmsCase StudyDiscussionConclusionReferencesSecure and Privacy Preserving Data Mining and Aggregation in loT ApplicationsIntroductionPrivacy and Security Challenges in IoT ApplicationsSecure and Privacy Preserving Data Mining TechniquesPrivacy Preserving Techniques at Data Collection LayerPrivacy Preserving at Data Publishing LayerPrivacy Preserving at Data Mining Output LayerDistributed PrivacySecurity Ensuring Techniques for Privacy Preserving Data AggregationPrivacy Preservation Using Homomorphic Encryption and Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)Evolutionary Game-Based Secure Private Data AggregationSlice-Mix-Aggregate and iPDAConclusionList of AbbreviationsReferencesReal-Time Cardiovascular Health Monitoring System Using loT and Machine Learning Algorithms SurveyIntroductionCardiovascular Diseases (CVD)Motivation and Classification
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