A Novel Framework for a Cyber Secure Smart City


The concept of Smart City is one of the remarkable vision with new and smart integrated technologies offer a wide range of services. In a Smart City, the individual is monitored and a map of their foundations, executives, administration, networks, wellbeing, instruction and indigenous habitat through data and correspondence advance Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). The Smart City is structured by Artificial Intelligence, and incorporated through sensors, hardware and systems that relate to modern frameworks involved databases, following dynamic calculations [1,2]. The idea of Smart Cities is to play its vital role in good governance and tackle monetary rebuilding, natural, administration, management and open part issues with smart methodology. Problems are multiplying in recent urban life due to a shortage of resources and a lack of effective management. In such cases, the need of smart city communities are highly appreciated. The urban life requires extraordinarily smart services by suing advance technologies and the Internet.

The term “worldwide village” is deeply linked with the IoT based Smart City as a development relying on the latest research in the field of technology and global Internet. The Smart City concept is also attractive for manufacturers and sponsors for trading their items like iPads, smartphones, GPS and numerous other such technologies [3]. The automated city based on IoT provides smarter evolution in the lifestyle and enhance living standards. It is said that Smart Cities through advanced self-aware mechanisms could also boost the financial systems [4].

There are already numerous developed cities thought of as actual pioneers of the (IoT) based Smart Cities concept such as Singapore, Masder, Amsterdam, Barcelona and Paris [4]. The main components of the Smart City are illustrated in Figure 5.1. The latest information and communication technologies (i.e., RFID, IoT, AI, cloud computing, etc.) are utilized in Smart Cities to include the latest trends in their systems.

IoT is the network of physical objects that are interconnected to share information. The basic concept of IoT is to use the latest technology and integrate it into daily life

Main component of Smart Cities in the simplest way

FIGURE 5.1 Main component of Smart Cities in the simplest way. It is believed that the future of smart devices will define new standards of living and advanced services. However, it is very important to exchange data with the maker, worker and other linked devices. Every component in IoT is mostly self-sufficient in its working and it has clearly defined goals; it might have intra or inter network working mechanisms. IoT contributes an important part in the development of Smart City because it is highly dependent on the level of efficient and advanced technology that is being used on it. The IoT is considered as a top-notch research domain these days and it is believed that researching in this field can create a lot of new opportunities. The proper focus and development in this idea leads to in-depth exposure and creation of very user-friendly services. IoT works by integrating physical and virtual systems with an enormous spread in the domain of electronics systems [5].

The idea of Smart Cities is exclusively reliant on smart portable systems, efficient user-friendly technologies and the IoT based customized solutions. In short, it is concluded that Smart City is heavily dependent upon information technology and the portable advance system that can make human life better.

It can also not be ignored that like every other system, Smart Cities do face some hurdles along the way as well. Most of the issues are related to development, socioeconomic and political problems. However, the biggest problem is technical issues. In all discussed problems, the security and privacy are the important and main concern in Smart Cities [6]. Manufacturers are more focused on making these products more portable and efficient at the same time, and while achieving this goal the factor of cybersecurity is not the priority. The field of information security handles all the problems related to making the data more confidential and integral. Cybersecurity aims to defend the data from cyber-attacks, which include numerous threats like worms, scams and many other vicious activities. These cyber-threats may exploit and compromise Smart Cities. Security is a crucial part of smart cities and requires special measures to protect Smart Cities from multiple cyber-attacks [7]. Developing ideas of Smart Cities need to classify the central provisions of information security high skills.

Defenseless Smart Cities are highly vulnerable to security attacks and need immediate measures to protect themselves. In nutshell, Smart City would not be marginalized without proper security mechanism [8].

Cybersecurity in Smart City

The cybersecurity of Smart City has been a passion for experts. The motivation is to ensure the soundness of fundamental organizations like human administrations, organization and imperativeness in a Smart City. These all components of Smart City are considered to reorganize and address the issues of security to improve the organizations social and financial factors and all monetary variables [9]. These issues are clarified in Figure 5.2. The investigators perceive, uncover and suggest answers for the information security matters by considering the referenced issues. Furthermore, the authors in [10] discussed about the security and its related assurance concerns.

The IoT requires important attention from the investigators because it is the essential technology which transforms the idea of Smart City [11]. Security is one of

Manipulating factors on Cybersecurity in a Smart City

FIGURE 5.2 Manipulating factors on Cybersecurity in a Smart City

the important issue and need to design the more advance and smart security models. Machine to Machine (M2M) concept is one the valuable execution in IoT networks and in Smart City. Security is one of the critical factor for working up a Smart City The manufacture of gigantic data in the Smart City is unavoidable, counting national interests, government records and other information about the residents [12]. From such data, the Smart City networks can isolate noteworthy information helping to ensure consistent examination and all-inclusive enrolling. The author in Ref. [12] explains that big data gives numerous opportunities of an increasingly smart life and brings various challenges of security and assurance. These challenges are non- appearance of gadgets with huge data, untouchable data sharing, threats in creating open databases, data spillage and stresses on automated security.

In Ref. [14], computerized security challenges are discussed. Author discussed on the basis of two standard security and assurance. Here, authors presented a logical model that is among the people, IoT, and servers that are vulnerable against information security threats. Although the logical and graphical model of the IoT is based on security and privacy assurance or the way of detection, prevention and recovery. Additionally, Ref. [15] proposes a flowed structure for Internet of Thing applications, which ensures privacy, authentication, trust and assurance in information transport.

A distinctive evidence is observed that all security matters in Smart City is still not clear in terms of its complete implementation and policies.. At the present time, all the concerned accomplices for the security and insurance information perceived in using immaculate strategy. The makers prescribed separating by and large accomplices, the security necessities and matters are perceived in a predominant method. They also suggest a sweeping structure to contract with these subjects.

Right now [16], the activity of sharp script computer programs is inspected in the setting of information security. There is need to inspected the programming script implemented in automated city in terms of security matters. Authors also discussed about security issues and tried to identifying the security requirements in Smart City. In Ref. [17], the authors recommend an encryption intended to deal with the issues of data trustworthiness and security.

Canny structure is one of the significant area in automated city as it offers the kind of incredibly novel and capable system and its association with information systems [18]. The author in Ref. [19] talks about IS issues in an adroit system. The necessities of information security are recognized by the author, and various models are discussed and differentiated concerning the issues and systems. This paper [20] analyzes the association between secrecy and security issues and highlights its requirement. The maker by then suggests another idea for arranging the Internet with the end goal that security issues are overseen in a prevalent way. The reconstructing of the Internet systems and fascinating the idea the systems need to refreshing the systems and fulfill all the requirements.

The paper [21] depicts guidelines for application systems for an automated city and address the issues to build a Smart City. Even though the makers have analyzed various deterrents for Smart City because still the information systems issues have not been deliberated specifically.

Suciu et al. [22] proposed portraying the establishment of dispersed processing and IoT fittingly for an automated city with better security measures. For that, they have planned a framework for the information that can be directed by the appropriate registered organization. The security is still a stress for users of inan automated city. In Ref. [23] the authors discussed the security issues of occupants of an automated city. This consolidates five estimations according to the makers: character insurance, request security, region security, impression security and owner security. They propose a 5D model that watches out these five issues. The model designers insure that this model will reach the Smart City goals.

The legitimacy of a Smart City is considered by Gemma [24] particularly related with utilization of security assurance for individuals its similar to foundations and government policies They portray the sharp game plans and clarify the issues concerning the utilization of such game plans. The issue of security is analyzed in Ref. [25], where authors discussed the security issues to follow the assessment for the

Smart City. Authors explained that data mining is another key activity in smart urban networks because it need to recollecting the security concerns and data usage.

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