The Internet of Things and Big Data Analytics: Integrated Platforms and Industry Use Cases

Taxonomy of Big Data and Analytics Solutions for Internet of ThingsIntroductionBig Data SourcesBig Data System ComponentsBig Data Analytics TypesBig Data Analytics ToolsConclusionReferencesBig Data Preparation and ExplorationUnderstanding Original Data AnalysisBenefits of Big Data Pre-ProcessingData Pre-Processing and Data Wrangling Techniques for IoTChallenges in Big Data ProcessingOpportunities of Big DataBig Data in Biomedical Image ProcessingBig Data Opportunity for GenomeReferencesEmerging IoT-Big Data Platform Oriented TechnologiesIntroductionUbiquitous Wireless CommunicationUbiquitous ComputingUbiquitous ArchitectureCommunication Technologies. ApplicationsReal-Time Analytics: OverviewCloud ComputingMachine LearningDeep LearningReferencesBig Data Systems Based IoT Enabling Technologies: Ubiquitous Wireless Communication, Real-Time Analytics, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Commodity SensorsInternet of ThingsFundamentals of IoTIoT Framework and Its WorkingReal-Time Applications of IoTChallenges Involved in IoT DeploymentBig Data AnalyticsWireless Communication and IoTMachine and Deep Learning Techniques for Wireless IoT Big Data AnalyticsConclusionReferencesDistinctive Attributes of Big Data Platform and Big Data Analytics Software for loTIntroductionData IngestionTypical Issues of Knowledge ConsumptionFeatures Required for Data Ingestion ToolsBig Data ManagementETLData WarehouseRelated SystemsHadoopStream ComputingData AnalyticsMachine LearningSupervised LearningContent ManagementContent Management ProcessContent GovernanceContent Management Systems and ToolsData IntegrationData GovernanceData StewardshipReferencesBig Data Architecture for loTIntroductionIoT with Big Data CharacteristicsIoT Reference ArchitectureDevice Connectivity OptionsCommunication between IoT Devices and InternetCommunication between IoT Devices and GatewayDevice StoresIoT Impacts on StorageDevice IdentityRegistry and Data StoresData Life Cycle Management in IoT for Device Data StoresData Management Framework for IoT Device Data StoresDevice ProvisioningStream Processing and ProcessingStream Processing Architecture for IoT ApplicationsHigh-Scale Compute ModelsCorton Intelligence Suite Use CasesReferencesAlgorithms for Big Data Delivery over Internet of ThingsIntroductionWireless Sensor NetworkEcosystemProtocols for IoTData Link ProtocolNetwork Layer ProtocolsSession Layer ProtocolsSecure Communication in IoT and Big DataConclusionReferencesBig Data Storage Systems for IoT – Perspectives and ChallengesIntroductionBig Data Analytics for IoTData Storage and Access for IoTDynamic-Data Handling in Big Data Storage SystemsHeterogeneous Datasets in IoT Big DataSemantic Analytics for Big DataConclusionReferencesKey Technologies Enabling Big Data Analytics for loTIntroductionIoT for Big Data AnalyticsTechnologies of IoT Big Data AnalyticsIn-Memory Data FabricDistributed StorageData IntegrationIoT Data Management RequirementsCharacteristics of IoT DataDatabase Management System in IoTObject-Oriented Database (OODB)Centralized DatabaseRelational DatabaseNon-Relational DatabaseConclusionReferencesInternet of Things (IoT) and Big Data: Data Management, Analytics, Visualization and Decision MakingIntroductionBig Data Framework for IoTThe General Big Data FrameworkThe Cognitive Adopted Framework (COIB) for IoT Big DataIoT Big Data ManagementIoT Data LifecycleIoT Data Management Versus Traditional Database Management SystemsCommon Problems in IoT Data ManagementApplications of Database ManagementIoT Data Analytical TechnologiesApproaches and Methods for Data Analytics in IoTIoT Data Analytics ToolsBig Data Visualization Tools for IoTBig Data as Source for IoT Decision MakingConclusionReferencesBig Data Programming Models for IoT DataIntroductionProgramming ParadigmMapReduceHadoopFunctional ProgrammingSPARKResilient Distributed Datasets (RDD)FLINKSQL-Based Programming ModelsActor ModelStatistical and Analytical ModelsR ProgrammingMahoutData Flow-Based ModelsBulk Synchronous ParallelHigh-Level Domain-Specific Language (DSL)ConclusionReferencesloTBDs Applications: Smart Transportation, Smart Healthcare, Smart Grid, Smart Inventory System, Smart Cities, Smart Manufacturing, Smart Retail, Smart Agriculture, Etc.IntroductionSmart TransportationConnected Automated Vehicles (CAVsSmart HealthcareThe Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) SystemSmart GridsSmart InventorySmart CitySmart Manufacturing. Paradigm Shift-Industry 4.0Digital ManufacturingData Analytics in Large-Scale ManufacturingIndustrial Big DataSmart RetailSmart AgricultureConclusionReferencesBig Data Management Solutions for IoT: Case Study – Connected CarIntroductionConnected CarDifferent Modes of ConnectionsIntra-Vehicle CommunicationInter-Vehicle CommunicationV2I Communication. Cloud-Assisted Vehicular Internet of ThingsArchitecture of the Connected CarServicesConnected Car and Big DataSolution for Connected CarsMicrosoft-Connected Vehicle PlatformGoogle Android Automotive Operating SystemConclusionReferences
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