About Giant Leap Consulting

Giant Leap Consulting is on a mission to help people and organizations act with more courage. Since its founding in 2002, Giant Leap has conducted more than 500 separate client engagements related to elevating individual employee and organizational performance.

We believe that people work more effectively and with higher levels of passion and commitment when they are operating out of confi and courage, rather than out of fear and anxiety. Our client engagements are built upon the foundational conviction that people achieve extraordinary results when they engage courageously with one another. In short, our aim is to create courageous organizations.

Giant Leap has four service lines:

Courageous future: Strategic planning services designed to help organizations create a bold and compelling future.

Courageous leadership: Leadership and successionplanning programs and curricula designed to create courageous leaders.

Courageous teaming: High-impact team-building programs that promote honest, responsible, and adult-like behavior from all team members. • Courageous development: Customized training programs that build individual skills and organizational capabilities.

Giant Leap works with profit and nonprofit organizations that aim for a higher standard of performance, including Accenture, PNC Bank, Walsh Construction, Saks Fifth Avenue, Hugo Boss, UBS Bank, and UNICEF.

Working extensively with the U.S. government, Giant Leap has consulted for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the National Science Foundation, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, the U.S. Army, the U.S. Forest Service, and NASA.

To learn more, visit our websites giantleapconsulting

.com, couragebuilding.com, managerialcourage.com, and pfeiffer.com/go/courage. You can also follow Giant Leap Consulting on Twitter (@takegiantleaps), connect on LinkedIn (linkedin.com/in/courage), or “Like” us on Facebook.