Data Protection and Privacy in Healthcare: Research and Innovations

An Overview of Data Privacy in Healthcare in the Current AgeIntroductionData Privacy Relevance and Healthcare NeedThe e-Health Benefits of Data SharingTypes of Medical DataAnonymization as a Form of Patient PrivacyData Anonymization TechniquesPrivacy Protection with EncryptionThe Importance of Digital Management in HealthcareChallenges in Health Data PrivacyComponents for Data Access ControlImportance of Digital Data Security in HealthDiscussionTrendsConclusionsReferencesPrivacy in Cloud Healthcare DataIntroductionCloud Computing in the Healthcare SectorPay as You UseMassive ScalabilityResource SharingElasticityLarge Storage SpaceCloud InfrastructureData Life CycleMajor Data Privacy Challenges/ConcernsScalable Privacy Preserving Data Mining and AnalysisGranular Access ControlCryptographically Enforced Data-Centric SecurityBalancing between Data Provenance and SecurityImportance of Data Privacy in HealthcareMaintaining Trust in a Doctor–Patient RelationshipBetter Data QualityImproved Balance and Integrity in Current Industry Data MonopoliesProtecting the Basic Human RightsWho Is Responsible for Data Security?Comparison of Various Privacy Attacks over the Years and Possible Techniques to Contain ThemReferencesPrivacy-Preserving Authentication and Key-Management Protocol for Health Information SystemsIntroductionChallenges in Traditional Healthcare SystemsSmart HealthcareChallenges in Smart HealthcareLiterature Survey of Authentication and Key-Management Protocol in a Health Information SystemThe Proposed Scheme of Authentication and Key-Management ProtocolThe Proposed Registration PhaseThe Proposed Authentication PhaseExperimental Analysis and Performance MeasurementPerformance MeasuresConclusionReferencesPrivacy Issues in Medical Image AnalysisIntroductionDigital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) Image FormatStorage and Transmission of Medical ImagesThreats to the Privacy of Medical ImagesPrivacy Protection of Medical ImagesPrivacy Protection by Encrypting PHIPrivacy Using Encryption and EncodingCryptosystemBy De-Identification/Anonymization of ImagesSecurity in DICOM ImagesVulnerabilities in DICOM ImagesConclusionReferencesPrivacy in Internet of Healthcare ThingsIntroductionArchitectures Related to IoHTIntroductionAdvantages of IoHTOutlineApplications of IoHTRemote Monitoring of PatientsHospital Operations ManagementTreatment and Detection of DiseasesRemote SurgerySecure Drug Supply Chain ManagementPrivacy Issues in IoHTThreat Model, Security and Privacy Requirements and Various Attacks in IoHTThreat ModelSecurity and Privacy Requirements in IoHTDifferent Types of Attacks in IoHT EnvironmentAnalysis of Privacy-Preserving Protocols Related to IoHT EnvironmentsReview of Hamza et al.’s Scheme [50]Review of Deebak et al.’s Scheme [51]Review of Pu et al.’s Scheme [63]Review of Dwivedi et al.’s Scheme [66]Review of Kim et al.’s Scheme [68]Comparative Analysis of Existing Privacy-Preserving ProtocolsConcluding RemarksReferencesHeath Device Security and Privacy: A Comparative Analysis of Fitbit, Jawbone, Google Glass and Samsung Galaxy WatchIntroductionRelated WorksAnalysing Wearable Health DevicesAnalysis of FitbitAnalysis of JawboneAnalysis of Google GlassAnalysis of Samsung Galaxy WatchComparison and SolutionDATA COLLECTION METHOD AND TESTING PROCESSData CollectionSecurity Test ProcessData Securing within Mobile Health DevicesFitness Trackers’ Secure Data Communication ModelSuggestions to Add Security to Fitness TrackersFuture Challenges of Wearable DevicesInsecure NetworkLightweight Protocols for DevicesData SharingConclusionReferencesPrivacy-Preserving Infrastructure for Health Information SystemsHealth Information System (HIS)Benefits of HISTypes of HISEvolution of HISData Security and Privacy in Health Information SystemsSecurity and Privacy in the Healthcare Data Life CycleHealthcare Data Security PracticesHealthcare Data Privacy PracticesBlockchain and HealthcareBasic Concepts of Blockchain TechnologyBlockchain-Based Infrastructure for Health Information SystemsDiscussionReferencesHealth Sector at the Crossroads: Divergence vis-à-vis Convergence in the Emergence of New TrendsIntroductionHealth Scenario of the WorldHealth Scenario of IndiaSynergy of Treatment in IndiaAdvancement of Medical Treatment and ResearchAdvancement of Medical Treatment and Research in IndiaMedical Data Regulatory Scene in IndiaLiterature ReviewHealthcare at the CrossroadsHealthcare Strategies in IndiaHealth Informatics and Healthcare Data ManagementHealthcare Data Management and PrivacyObjectivesResearch MethodologyAnalysis IAnalysis IIConclusionReferencesITreatU: An Effective Privacy and Security Solution for Healthcare Data Using the R3 Corda Platform of Blockchain TechnologyIntroductionComponents of Blockchain TechnologyRelated WorkResearch GapsResearch ProblemChoice of Blockchain PlatformProposed SolutionThe Architecture of the SystemITreatU Corda FlowAlgorithmPerformance AnalysisConclusion and Future ScopeReferencesPersonalized Medicine and a Data Revolution: Hope and PerilIntroductionPersonalized Medicine: The DevelopmentIs Personalized Medicine the New “Eugenics”?The Power of Data in MedicinePrivacy and Personalized MedicineConclusionNotesReferencesLegislation Comparison in the Sphere of Health Protection in Selected European CountriesProblem Statement: The Nexus of Medical SecrecyPreview of Medical ConfidentialityLegislative StipulationsLegal Protection of Confidentiality WorldwideSafeguards to Medical ConfidentialityConclusionReferencesChallenges of Implementing Privacy Policies Across the GlobeIntroductionImportance of Privacy Policies in HealthcarePrivacy Policies in the WorldUnited States of America (HIPAA)Europe (GDPR)AustraliaNigeria (NHA)RussiaJapanChinaCanadaKoreaChallenges Faced by Developing CountriesData Storage and ManagementData SharingPrevalent Indifference and Red-TapeInfrastructurePopulationBudgetary ConstraintsCulture and Literacy RateCyber-AttacksState-Sponsored SurveillancePrivacy as a Constitutional RightInternal and External ThreatsData BreachingConsent ManagementTrusting the Third PartyImproper Human Resource ManagementConclusionReferencesThe Role of Law in Protecting Medical Data in IndiaIntroductionInternational Instruments Regulating Medical Data PrivacyConvention 108Oviedo ConventionDeclarations on Promotion of Patients’ Rights in EuropeOpinion of the European Group on Ethics in Science and New TechnologiesDirectives by European ParliamentBig Data and Convention 108Regulation on General Data Protection by European ParliamentJurisdictional Challenge to Laws on Medical Data PrivacyConservative ApproachLiberal ApproachSupervisory ApproachShaping up of Laws Pertaining to Genetic Testing: An IllustrationEuropeUSAThe Laws Prevailing in India to Address Medical Data PrivacyUnderstanding Privacy Rights as a Fundamental RightRight to Information Act, 2000 (RTI Act)The Information Technology Act, 2000 (IT Act)Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR)ConclusionReferences
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