The primary thought behind building up a computational model is to make things simpler to clarify the application of science and humanism related hypotheses.


Epidemiological studies can prevent future outbreaks. Epidemiological studies obtain relevant data. Data collected are more reliable and precise as compared to animal-based studies. It helps clinicians in better decision making for then patient’s welfare that was uncertain before the introduction of epidemiological studies. Epidemiological studies also play a significant role in determining the cause of illness, disability so that the research and action can be performed according to the determined purpose. Chronic diseases can also be prevented to a great extent by epidemiological studies.

More time is required to create a database and for the conduction of research. It does not take into account the health of the environment. Many pollutants are present in the atmosphere responsible for causing health-related diseases in people. Difficulty in the collection of data due to restricted access and lack of resources and communication and transport problems to some of the areas is one of the disadvantages of epidemiological studies. Some diseases lead to rapid changes in the population, and by the time data collection and analysis are done, the conclusions drawn from that studies become out of date, which is a considerable disadvantage of epidemiological studies.


The main advantage of the social community is that it allows you to stay linked to friends and families in today’s busy paced world. One is capable of antique flash friendships, proportion family pictures, and special occasions on your lifestyles with just about anyone you know, at the equal time. Social networking is additionally a significant way to pah those humans who are kind of minded. You enter the above gr oups up to expectations that are centered closer to the one-of-a-kind interests, ideas, and interests. Companies, artists, or musicians can attain an impossibly widespread yet numerous aggregate about people the usage of neighborly media sites. This lets in them in imitation of promoting yet need themselves then their products in access so much has by no means been viewed before. Any information can keep spreader as wildfire over social media sites. Important matters kind of recalls, reminders, storm facts is wholly communicated quickly. People fast operate now not think about the penalties regarding where he submit concerning these social sites. Just like talked about above, anything may spread to thousands and thousands regarding people inside hours and days concerning social media. This also, unfortunately, consists of things so are fake then performed up. These data perform motive panic and then extreme misinformation between societies. Online social interactions with social networking hold now not solely were beginning modem relationships, however closing deep others. This contemporary invitation has been driving wedges within people’s actual life, offline relationships, frequently age last to them because of good. Social networking places have faith to the limit.

One of the most critical dangers of overusing social networking websites are the college students arrive addicted in imitation of it. They spend hours on these popular networking websites, which may degrade the student’s performance. A few people may in general use these informal communication sites till midnight or much more, which can prompt wellbeing-related issues. Many people may supply data, such as phone numbers and address, which is entirely unsafe due to the fact that anyone may be, without difficulty, tracked down by way of strangers.

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