Cloud Network Management: An IoT Based Framework

AbstractI: Evolution of IoT, Cloud Network and Network MobilityEvolution of Cloud Fog IoT Interconnection NetworksIntroductionMotivation and ContributionsEvolution of Traditional cloud networksInto the FogIoT Fog Cloud InterplayChallenges in IoT Fog Cloud InterplayResource ManagementInter and Intra Stratum CommunicationCloud Fog FederationApplications of IoT Fog Cloud InterplayHealthcare ApplicationsConnected VehiclesSmart City ApplicationsResearch Challenges and Solution ApproachConclusionEdge or Cloud: What to Choose?IntroductionBackground & Related WorkEdge Based LearningCloud ComputingK MeansExperimentEdge Based Learning ProcedureCloud Based Learning ProcedureExperimental ObjectivesSetupAnalysisCPU UtilizationMemory UtilizationData Transmission RatePower ConsumptionEnergy ConsumptionSummaryFindingsEdge Based LearningCloud based LearningComparisonConclusionThe Survey, Research Challenges, and Opportunities in ICNIntroductionInternet architecture and workingResearch challenges and issuesInformation Centric Networks (ICN)Important terminologies used in ICNConcepts and components of Information Centric NetworkingICN Naming SchemeRouting in ICNIn Network CachingICN ArchitecturesData Oriented Network Architecture (DONA)Named data NetworkingOther architecturesInformation Centric Networking based Internet of ThingsWhy ICN for loT?IoT Architecture RequirementsSignificance of ICN for IoTIoT Requirements Mapping to ICN CharacteristicsICN IoT network architecturesIn network Computation in Edge Computing and Cloud ComputingConclusionII: Standards and ProtocolSecurity in Cloud Based IoTIntroductionMotivation and ContributionResearch Method and Research ChallengeCloud based IoT: Technologies and Design IssuesDesign IssuesCloud Based IoT: Security ThreatsCloud Security ThreatsIoT and Cloud based IoT Security ThreatsImplementation aspects of Cloud based IoTConcluding RemarksCloud Enabled Body Area NetworkAbstractIntroductionBio Sensor NodesBody Area NetworkCommunication ArchitecturePhysical and MAC Layers of BANCryptographic Building BlocksCryptographic Hash FunctionHomomorphic EncryptionBilinear PairingAttribute Based EncryptionPrivacy and SecuritySecurity Notions in Cloud enabled BANAttacks and Threats in Cloudenabled BANExisting Security and Privacy Solutions in Cloud enabled BANAuthentication in BANKey Management in BANConclusionTrust and Access Controls in IoT to Avoid Malicious ActivityIntroductionThreats, Vulnerabilities, and Access control Requirement in Internet of ThingsThreatsVulnerabilitiesThe importance of Access controls and Trust of usersLiterature ReviewProblem formationImproved Trust calculationSimulationsAccess Controls on Sensitive DataAlgorithm 1:Algorithm 2:ConclusionsA Layered Internet of Things (IoT) Security Framework: Attacks, Counter Measures and ChallengesIntroductionRelated WorkTaxonomy of IoT AttacksPhysical Layer Attacks (PLA)Physical Node TamperingMalicious Node InjectionRFID Tag CloningWireless Sensor Network Layer Attacks (NLA)Jamming AttackSide Channel AttackMAC SpoofingData Sensing and Acquisition Layer Attacks (DSAL)Malicious CodeTraffic MonitoringInefficient LoggingInternet Layer Attacks (ILA)Jamming AttackFalse RoutingAlteration and SpoofingService Layer Attacks (SLA)Account HijackingVM EscapeMalicious VM CreationData Abstraction Layer Attacks (DALA)Malicious node InjectionImproper QueriesMalicious InsiderInterface Layer Attacks (ILA)Reverse EngineeringReprogramming AttackDDoS AttackProposed IoT Security FrameworkPerception LayerWireless Sensor Network LayerData Sensing and acquisition layerInternet LayerService LayerData Abstraction LayerInterface LayerCase Study: Implementation of Denial of Service Attack in Home AutomationA brief description of attackExperimental Test bed DetailsExecution StepsResearch and ChallengesConclusionIII: Engineering and Applications for IoT Cloud NetworkA Novel Framework of Smart Cities Using Internet of Things (IoT): Opportunities and ChallengesIntroductionIoT infrastructure for smart cityNetwork centric IoTCloud centric IoTData Centric IoTHuman Centric IoTSmart City HierarchyAssociated communication technology for realizing smart citiesProposed FrameworkSensing LayerData Abstraction layerBase station layerEdge server layerCloud computing layerApplication layerCase StudySmart traffic managementSmart HealthcareOpen Challenges and opportunitiesConclusionInteroperability and Information Sharing Paradigm for IoT Enabled HealthcareIntroductionMobile Health and the Internet of Medical ThingsEnabling Precision & Personalized MedicineHealth Data Ownership in IoT and the CloudIoT Data Ownership ChallengesConsent for Data CaptureVerifying Data Ownership: Local Identity Management and AuthenticationHealthcare Data OwnershipElectronic Health Record (EHR)Personal Health RecordBridging Medical Data Ownership: Combining EHR and PHREnabling IoMT Information Sharing in HealthcareCollecting Data from IoMT DevicesTraditional Health Record Information Exchange for Informa tion FederationRegulating Provider Access to PHR DataProviding Emergency Data AccessEnsuring Data Integrity from IoMT SensorsPrivately Replicating and Sharing Large DatasetsMaintaining Consensus in Large Scale Federated SystemsProviding Emergency Access to Real Time IoMT DataAchieving Heterogeneous Data InteroperabilityInteroperability Architecture OverviewCurrent Interoperability StandardsFuture Standards and Alternative MethodsChallenges & OpportunitiesCloud Computing Based Intelligent Healthcare SystemIntroductionBuilding an intelligent healthcare systemEarly detection and prediction of brain tumor using Intel ligent CloudClassification using different modelsImage InversionExperiments and ResultsNaive Bayes Classifier ModelCNN ModelImage InversionSummary and DiscussionResearch Challenges and possible solutionsConclusionAcknowledgementIoT Cloud Network for HealthcareIntroduction to modern health computingOvercoming the challengesSecurity and privacy of patient dataLack of uniformity among connected mobile devicesVulnerable data transmissionsPatient readinessAwareness about IoTsParalysis of Data AnalysisCloud computing over the intelligent healthcare systemIoT and smart health system paradigmsHistory of IoT in healthcareRole of IoT in HealthcareChallenges of IoT in healthcareFuture of IoT in healthcarePatient centered careTeleconsultation and Remote Patient monitoringWearable sensorsInsideable devicesMobile appsElectronic Medical Records (EMR)Health portalsBig dataThe human genome projectPersonalized and precision medicineD PrintingArtificial intelligence in healthcareNew Design and Performance of IoT cloud for Smart Healthcare and Monitor systemDisruptions in InternetDiversity of ProtocolsNo Special Testing Tools Were Made for Healthcare Applica tionsDifficulties in Performing Healthcare IoT Performance TestingMobile technology in revolution of Smart HealthcareFinancial challengesSaaS helps improve delivery of Hospital servicesThe benefits of cloud computingCloud security and regulatory complianceSpend less money, serve more patientsmHealth in actionIoMT PlatformsAmazon Web Services IoTQualcomm LifeData FlowAzure IoT SuiteIntel IoTCompliance and RegulationsHIPAA RulesHITECH ActHITRUSTPCIWhat We See in FutureHealthcare RobotsThe Brain Computer InterfaceBibliography
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