Multidimensional Economy Data in Poland

The Polish Ministry of Economy (MoE) publishes various types of yearly, quarterly, monthly and daily economical analyses, based on the data coming from the Ministry of Finance, Central Statistical Office, Warsaw Stock Exchange, Ministry's own data and other governmental agencies resources. There are also other larger data sets made available either on-line or for download which could be made more easily processable without human intervention. The data as of today is being published in the formats and presentation forms intended for direct consumption by humans, but with very limited possibilities for automated processing or analysis conducted by custom software. Within the LOD2 project the data was lifted to the semantic level.

Polish Open Economy Data

The primary source of data, subject to publication using the LOD2 tools, was the warehouse for macroeconomic information, namely the INSIGOS database. The data stored by INSIGOS, concerns the Polish economy as well as the international trade of Poland (import and export). The INSIGOS database was built using the internal database of the MoE, namely the Business Information Knowledge Base, maintained since 2001.

The INSIGOS contains the following datasets:

HZ/GEO – foreign trade broken down by countries

HZ/CN – foreign trade broken down by type of goods traded, as reported using the Common Nomenclature codes (CN)

POLGOS – several economic indicators broken down by type of activity, as reported by companies in Poland using F-01 statistical form, using PKD – Polish Classification of Activities. POLGOS was later divided into POLGOS/PKD2004 and POLGOS/PKD2007, because there was no simple way to convert the data to one of the classifications.

Modelling Multidimensional Data with Data Cube Vocabulary

The most important artefacts that we used from RDF Data Cube Vocabulary include: qb:DimensionProperty, qb:ComponentSpecification, qb:DataSet and qb:DataStructureDefinition. The model prepared for INSIGOS HZ module is presented in Fig. 5.

In INSIGOS HZ module there are only two indicators: import and export. SKOS concept scheme was created to facilitate the use of measures in dimensions and then in observations. The name of the skos:ConceptScheme is HZ and it was assigned by qb:CodedProperty. Both measure properties were defined according to pattern presented in Listing 2.

Listing 2. Sample measure property from INSIGOS HZ/GEO dataset in turtle

Fig. 5. INSIGOS HZ modelled in Data Cube vocabulary

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