Smart Microgrids

ENERGY AND ENVIRONMENTMICROGRIDMicrogrid Development across the GlobeMicrogrid InstallationsFindings of Field TrialsRole of Power Electronics in Microcrid DevelopmentOPERATION AND MANAGEMENTSMART DISTRIBUTION GRIDBIBLIOGRAPHYDesign of MicrogridsDEFINITION, STRUCTURE AND COMPONENTSEvolution of MicrogridsConcept of MicrogridDefinitionsBenefits and Challenges of MicrogridsBenefitsReliable and Resilient Electricity SupplyReduced Transmission LossesReduction in System CapacityIntegration of RECost of ReliabilityChallengesStability of MicrogridsMicrogrid ControlProtection in MicrogridIsland Detection in MicrogridsSTRUCTURE, COMPONENTS, AND OPERATION OF MICROGRIDSClassification of MicrocridsClassification Based on Power SupplyAC MicrogridsDC MicrogridsHybrid AC-DC MicrogridsClassification Based on LocationCommunity or Campus MicrogridIndustrial MicrogridStand-Alone or Off-Crid MicrogridUtility MicrogridClassification Based on Geographical Spread and CapacityComponents of 100% RE MicrogridsComponents of Grid-Integrated MicrogridsComponents of Autonomous MicrogridsThe Microgrid ControllersPrimary and Tertiary ControlLoad ControlIslanding ControlOperating Modes of Converters in MicrogridGrid-Feeding ModeGrid-Forming ModeGrid-Support ModeSeamless Transfer across ModesRENEWABLE ENERGY INTEGRATION ON MICROGRIDSVoltage Zero-Crossing Detection TechniqueBasic Phase Locked LoopAdvanced PLL StructuresPQ-PLLDSF-PLLSOGI-PLLGrid Synchronization with Advanced Signal Processing ToolsWavelet TransformsEmpirical Wavelet TransformsVariational Mode DecompositionPOWER MANAGEMENT AND CONTROL IN MICROGRIDSControl under Grid-Connected ModeGeneral Structure of Grid-Connected Converter ControlGrid SynchronizationPower RegulationActive Power ControlReactive Power ControlVoltage and Current Control in Different Reference FramesReference Frame TransformationsNatural or abc Reference FrameStationary or a(i Reference FrameSynchronous or dq Reference FrameCurrent Control in Grid-Connected VSILinear Control TechniquesModeling of Hysteresis Current Controllers in Natural Reference FrameModeling of SRF Current ControllersDecoupling of Active-Reactive Power ControllersTuning of the PI Controllers for the Crid-Connected VSIPerformance Evaluation of Grid-Tied VSI with SRF Current ControllersModeling of PR ControllersDigital Implementation of PR ControllerModeling of Active-Reactive Power Controllers with Droop ControlActive Power ControllerReactive Power ControllerEmerging Non-unear ControllersMPC for Grid-Following InvertersModeling of MPC Based Grid-Tied InvertersFormulation of Cost FunctionOther Non-linear ControlsArtificial Intelligence-Based Current ControllersControl under Autonomous ModeVoltage and Frequency Regulation in Grid-Forming ModeBlack Start CapabilityGrid Forming with Wind Driven GeneratorsCrid-Forming Control of PMSCMPPT Operation of WTCrid-Forming Control of DFICReactive Power Support in MicrocridGeneration ControlMPPT of Solar PVOff-MPP Operation of Solar PVMPPT in Wind Turbine GeneratorsOff-MPP Control in WTGControl for Power QualityPower Quality StandardsЭ.2 Power Quality ControlIslanding Detection and Protection SchemesNeed for IslandingIslanding Detection Methods - Passive and Active SchemesPassive ID MethodsCommunication Based ID MethodsBIBLIOGRAPHYCommunication Infrastructure for Smart MicrogridsTHE NEED TO TURN "SMART"COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGIES AND STANDARDSWired Communication TechnologiesEthernet-IEEE 802.3ISO/OSI ModelTCP/IP ModelNetwork TopologiesNetwork Devices and TerminologiesMAC AddressIP AddressFiber Optic CommunicationPower Line Carrier Communication - IEEE 1901-2010Wireless Communication TechnologiesCellular CommunicationWi-Fi - IEEE 802.11-2016WiMAX-IEEE 802.16-2009ZigBee - IEEE 802.15.4-2003Bluetooth - IEEE 802.15.1-2005Z-WaveWireless HARTInsteonWireless M-BusL0WPANWavenisCOMMUNICATION REQUIREMENTS IN SMART GRIDCommunication Requirements in GenerationCommunication Network for Power Generation PlantCommunication Requirements in SubstationCommunication Network for SubstationsCommunication Requirements in TransmissionCommunication Network for Transmission SectorCommunication Requirements in DistributionCommunication Network for Distribution SectorSTANDARDS FOR SMART GRID COMMUNICATIONIEEE 1646-2004IEEE 1547.3-2007IEC 61850-90-5IEEE C37.118.2IEEE 1815-2012DLMS/COSEM - IEC 62056IEEE 2030COMMUNICATION INFRASTRUCTURE FOR SMART MICROGRIDSNeed for Communication ArchitectureHierarchical Communication Architecture in Smart GridCommunication Messages in Smart GridCommunication Data Path for Smart Grid ApplicationsCommunication Network RequirementsCommunication Network ValidationCASE STUDYCHALLENGES IN COMMUNICATION NETWORK FOR MICROGRIDSBIBLIOGRAPHYICT Application of DSMINTRODUCTIONDEMAND RESPONSECommunication and ControlDEMAND DISPATCHRole of AggregatorsADSA FormulationSelection of LoadsDD IMPLEMENTATION ON MICROGRIDSSmart Microcrid Simulator & WT EmulatorValidation of DD on SMGSDD Implementation on DC MicrogridBIBLIOGRAPHYDynamic Energy Management in Smart MicrogridsINTRODUCTIONDEM SCHEMEGeneration of Data Patterns in Grid-Connected ModeGeneration of Data Patterns in Islanded ModeDEMS ALGORITHMDEMS Algorithm for Grid-Connected ModeArtificial Neural NetworkSupport Vector MachinesDEMS Algorithm for Islanded ModeMODELING OF DEMAND SIDE RESOURCESLocal DemandGenerationWind Power Plant (WPP)Solar Power Plant (SPP)Micro Hydro Power Plant (MHPP)Energy StorageBattery Energy StoragePumped Hydro StorageDEMS PERFORMANCE ON MICROGRIDSMG in Grid-Connected ModeSMG in Islanded ModeVALIDATION OF DEM ON EMULATED SMGDEMS Implementation on FPGADEMS on Grid-Connected SMGDEMS on Islanded SMGBIBLIOGRAPHY
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