Assembling Therapeutics: Cultures, Politics and Materiality

Mapping therapeutic cultureEthnographies of the therapeuticAssembling therapeuticsThe politics of therapeutic assemblagesMateriality: spaces, affects and bodiesConclusion: reassembling the therapeuticAcknowledgementsReferencesAssembling mindful bodies: Mindfulness as a universal ‘laboratory of practice’Assembling mindfulnessMindfulness, metaphor and assemblageA day of mindfulness practice‘So the Seeing was the Release’: visualising mindfulness‘Just like a computer’: technologising mindfulness‘Ah, Gravity’: naturalising mindfulness‘Like a doomay opening’: sacralising mindfulnessConclusionReferencesAffective assemblages: Atmospheres and therapeutic knowledge production in/through the researcher-bodyFeeling (with) the field: ethnography in the study of affective atmospheresCreating an affective atmosphere: on collective belongingSoaking up an atmosphere: atmospheres as therapeuticBodily in/capacities: limits of collective belonging?Failing to feel it: on attempts to manipulate affectConclusionNotesReferencesTherapeutic and therapeia within Orthodox ChristianityFinnish Orthodoxy and therapeutic turnEthnography of the tacitTherapeutic and therapeia in Divine LiturgyStories of miraculous intervention and recoveriesToward a conclusionNoteReferencesSaving the Post-Soviet soul: Religion as therapy in the narratives of Russian-speaking migrant womenExplaining immigrant religiosityNarratives of well-being through religionEsther: managing spiritual timeDiana: managing vocationElena: managing femininityFrom religion as therapy to neoliberal therapeutic religiosityNotesReferencesCoaching for the nation: A new ‘moral and ethical assemblage’ for Israel’s last republican generationNeoliberal subjectivity and the critique of therapeutic cultureThe last republican generation: between coaching and hagshamaTransforming oneself in order to contribute to societyCollectivistic entrepreneurship: fostering individual change in the service of the nationA new moral and ethical assemblage?NotesReferencesThe datafication of therapeutic life management: Assembling the self in control societyProactive self-tracking and the therapeutic ethosData and methodsThe fragmentary holism of self-trackingSelf-tracking as a therapeutic regime of anticipationTherapeutic self-assembly and the politics of self-controlConclusionAcknowledgementsNotesReferencesThe lure of self-disclosure: App-assisted quantification of mood as therapeutic companionshipFrom writing to swiping; locating mobile app-assisted quantification of moodAssembling mood-tracking apps for depression: the affective economies of DepressAppTherapeutic companionship and its technological imaginationRegaining voiceThe technological imaginaries of therapeutic culturesNotesReferencesNo negative vibes: Organizational fun as a practice of social controlOffices as therapeutic spacesThe ethnographic dataThe spatiality of funThe ideological dilemmas of play and workConclusionsReferences‘Living on a razor blade’: Work and alienation in the narratives of therapeutic engagementsThe therapeutic spirit of capitalismThe unbearable weight of workGetting out and getting awayTherapeutic assemblages and hopeAcknowledgementsReferencesFeminists performing the collective traumaFeminism, therapeutics, and trauma cultureThe context, material, and methodsProducing a mental shelter for the traumatisedPerforming the trauma in public: being an active and responsible feministConclusions: feminist activism as therapeutic politicsAcknowledgementsNotesReferencesUncanny experiences as therapeutic eventsUncanny experiences: cognitive anomalies or socially significant life events?Materials and methodThe uncanny and work on the selfThe uncanny and work on the societyThe uncanny and work on social relationsConclusion: uncanny experiences as therapeutic eventsAcknowledgementsNotesReferencesAfterword: Life of psyEpistemologies of the therapeuticCategory of the therapeuticSelfhoodsAssembling the therapeutic assemblageTherapeutic assemblage politicsFuture research agendas: therapeutic livesReferences
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