Full and Productive Employment in Developing Economies: Towards the Sustainable Development Goals

Structural transformation and employmentIntroductionStructural transformation: some theoretical underpinningsStructural transformation: some empirical evidence Developed countriesDrivers of Structural TransformationStructural transformation: in search of alternative pathwaysConcluding observationsBibliographyConceptualizing the goal of full employment and the SDG frameworkIntroductionConceptualizing full and productive employment in developing economiesFull and productive employment and sustainable development goalsIndicators of progress in creating productive employment: an expanded framework13BibliographyLabour market outcomes and inclusive developmentIntroductionThe nexus between economic growth and employmentReal wages and inclusive developmentConcluding observationsBibliographyEconomic fluctuations and vulnerability of labour marketsIntroductionVulnerability and risk in labour market analysis: some conceptsBuilding resilienceConcluding observationsBibliographyHas employment-intensive growth become history?IntroductionEmployment-intensive growth and industrializationLabour-intensive industrialization and development in East and South East Asia: a recapitulation4Is South Asia facing the possibility of premature de-industrialization?Technological change, automation, and implications for employment in developing countriesConcluding observationsBibliographyGlobalization of production and the world of work: is a race to the bottom inevitable?IntroductionGlobalization of production and changes in the world of workSupplying the global market and the squeeze on workers: the ready-made garment industry of BangladeshBibliographyRe-thinking development strategies and policies for productive employmentIntroductionDoes economic growth always lead to employment?Is job creation hindered by rigidities in the labour market?How helpful is education and training in meeting the employment challenge?BibliographyImplementation of Employment Strategies and PoliciesIntroductionCoordination of the implementation of national employment policiesPossible sources and illustrations of complexitySimplicity in NEP implementationSupporting systems for implementing employment policiesAccountability system for monitoring and evaluation of national employment policiesConcluding observations
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