Routledge International Handbook On Electoral Debates

I Electoral Debates in the AmericasIntroductionA New Experiment for an Old Media Political Event: Leaders’ Debates in CanadaFrom JFK to Trump: The Evolution of U.S. Presidential DebatesDid Video Kill the Rally Star? The Contribution of Presidential Debates to Democratic Change in MexicoElectoral Debates Organised by the Electoral Management Body: Costa Rica 2018Presidential Debates in Colombia: From Rarity to RoutineElectoral Debates in Peru, 2001–2016Chile: Presidential Debates: From Dictatorship to DemocracyPresidential Debates in ArgentinaTelevised Presidential Debates in BrazilII EuropeIntroductionPlanets Seldom Align: A Hit and the Misses of United Kingdom Television Election DebatesAustria: On the Road to Peak TV Debate?Swedish Election Debates: A Long Tradition Adapting to New TimesFrom the Heavyweights’ Debate to the Duel: The Development of Television Debates in GermanyRoad to the Stadium: Televised Election Debates and “Non-Debates” in Ukraine: Between Spectacle and Democratic InstrumentTelevised Debates in Croatia: Lost in RegulationTelevised Election Debates in the Netherlands: Indirect Effects on Party Preferences through Media CoverageElectoral Debates in Spain: From Television to Social NetworksFrench Television Debates: Just Audience or True Influence?III Select Cases of Electoral Debates Across Different RegionsIntroductionPresidential Debates in IranTransformation of the Electoral Debate in Japan: Its Content and ContextTelevised Election Debates in Multiparty TaiwanElectoral Debates in South Korea: From Television Debates to YouTube DebatesThe 2016 PiliPinas DebatesNew Zealand Election Debates: Combat and CommercialismLeaders’ Debates in Australian ElectionsPolitical Showmanship: A Critical Analysis of Electoral Debates in KenyaDo Debates Matter? The Past, Present, and Future of Nigerian Electoral Debates
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